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Santa Fe Beach Club & Resort

Sta Fe Beach Club Bantayan Island, Cebu

Santa Fe Beach Club (shortened as Sta Fe Beach Club) is conveniently located on a famous white beach of Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu Province, the Philippines.

This beach club is also located close where the boats, ferries, and other water crafts dock from the main island of Cebu. (Usually, these crafts traverse back and forth Santa Fe and Hagnaya ports.)

One of the famous beaches in Santa Fe is called by a familiar name (Alice) – Alice Beach. Alice is where many of Bantayan’s popular resorts are established.

Alice is known for having a long stretch of shoreline and pristine and talcum white sand beach.

Going back to Santa Fe Beach Club, let’s get oriented with a bit of its…

Sta Fe Beach Club Sunbathing Loungers & Umbrellas, Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines

Origin & Brief History

Santa Fe Club was a family private rest house for friends and guest that turned this place into a popular resort on the eastern side of the island.

Before it turned into Sta Fe Beach Club Inc. it was a private resthouse during holy week season for 13 years providing free accommodations and meals to family members.

However, one of them suggested making it open to public, which was readily accepted by the members and close family friends.

The club started building nipa huts and using native materials. And then they opened a Filipino restaurant…

When the province was hit by a storm (20 years back or so), they reconstructed the structures by building a 3-story building with aircon rooms, reception area, restaurant and bar. The non-aircon cottages followed later on.

Due to its great facilities and services it became accredited by the DOT as a ‘SIR’.

Alice Beach area in Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu, PhilippinesAlice Beach on the Eastern side of Bantayan Island

Fun Facilities, Services & Activities

You can find here some really helpful and interesting offers at Sta Fe Beach Club.

  • Restaurant, bar, BBQ facilities
  • Facilities for the disabled visitors and guests
  • Shuttle service from Sta Fe Port to the resort & vice versa
  • Meeting & events facilities
  • Car park area, smoking area
  • Sports & Health: massage service, private beach, loungers for sunbathing, waters sports facilities (non-motorized), tours, etc.

Some of the facilities and services can be availed directly or offered by the resort itself, while some of them can be requested through outsourcing.

Better visit the place to really experience what it offers to make you enjoy and relax on your holiday.

Sta Fe Beach Club view from the beach, Bantayan island, Cebu

Tropical Beach Accommodation

Santa Fe Beach Club is one of the few places on the island that offers various choices of accommodation facilities. Surely, there are many changes that took place especially after the storm, Haiyan, struck severely the island.


Clubhouse Twin (PhP1800+). It has 1 matrimonial bed or 2 single beds, vanity table, balcony, hot and cold showers, bathroom amenities

Clubhouse Triple (PhP2000+). It offers 3 single beds, vanity table, hot & cold showers, bathroom amenities

Clubhouse Quadruple (PhP2200+). Has 4 single beds, vanity table, hot/cold shower, bathroom amenities

Standard Family Room (PhP2500+). Has 5 single beds and other facilities for a family.

Duplex Deluxe (PhP3500+). Offers 1 matrimonial and 1 single bed, minibar, ref, TV, showers, other amenities

Cottage Twin (PhP900+ [backrow cottages], 1000 [seaview cottages])
Cottage Triple (PhP1000+ [backrow cottages])
Cottage Family with Adjoining (PhP1500+). Offers 3 single bead, electric fans, balcony, etc.

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View of Sta Fe Beach Club, Bantayan Island, Cebu, PhilippinesGreat white sand private space at Sta Fe Beach Club

Finding Sta Fe Beach Club

Please, freely use the following address and contact details to learn more about this resort and its holiday offers.

TeleFax:      (+63 32) 438-9090
Telephone: (+63 32) 438-9107 / 5128650
Cellphone: +639287787770 / +639325412954

Here's how you can get to Bantayan Island if you need some guide for your trip. A longer version of this brief guide can be found through the link ('Getting to Bantayan Island') below the three highlighted transports mentioned...

From Mactan International Aiport you will need to a bus bus from North Bus Terminal going to Hagnaya Port, which is about 3-hour ride. From Hagnaya Port take a ferry going to Sta Fe Port, Bantayan Island that takes about an hour and thirty minutes.

Car, Taxi, V-Hire
You can drive your own car going to Hagnaya Port or Hire vehicles/taxis to drive you from Cebu to Hagnaya Port, which is about 2.5 hours travel. If you drive your own car you can park it inside the port’s parking area, or bring it with you to the island via ferry. It takes about an hour and a half to reach Santa Fe.

Yes, you can also reach Bantayan Island via Chartered Flight that arrives in Sta. Fe Airport.
For more detailed information, you can use the following our comprehensive guide page for your trip.

Click Getting to Bantayan Island page for greater descriptions for your travel needs. The page describes the terminal in Cebu, transports available and other tips for your convenience.

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