Coral Blue Oriental Beach
Villas & Suites

Coral Blue Oriental Beach Villas & Suites

Coral Blue Oriental Beach Villas & Suites on Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines

Great Coral Blue Oriental Beach Villas

Coral Blue Oriental Beach Villas and Suites is a beautifully crafted beach resort and nestling in one of the white sand beaches of Bantayan Island.

Coral Blue (shortened) is a choice for those who want not only the white beach but also an upscale, classy, swish… accommodation and services.

The establishment is about a few meters from the shoreline giving you a fantastic view of the sea and all. It means that you can easily and comfortably go in and out of the water day or night!

It is located just five minutes from Santa Fe Sea Port and 15 minutes from Santa Fe Airport of Bantayan island.

It also just 2 minutes from the Town Business and Finance center of this island.

What follows are some and summary of Coral Blue’s accommodations and other services…

Frontgate at Coral Blue Oriental Beach Villas & SuitesFrontgate of Coral Blue Oriental Villas

Special Features of Coral Blue Resort

A Tropical Beachfront Facility

Coral Blue Oriental Beach Villas has beautiful and luxurious Asian style accommodation…
But it also has incorporated some European touch in their establishment, such as the bathroom and other facilities.

Coral Blue is an upscale Filipino-Asian style boutique resort. It looks very unique when compared with other establishments on the island.

Further, Coral Blue also boasts its contemporary amenities and creative designs smoothly harmonized with the whole facility and environment.

Above all, it offers the Filipino traditional hospitality, courtesy and warm treatment to all its visitors.

You have lots of choices of room accommodations at Coral Blue Oriental Villas and Suites

Coral Blue Oriental Beach Villas & Suites facing the blue sea of Bantayan Island in Cebu Province, the Philippines

Fun & Relaxing Activities

You will certainly enjoy and have a wonderful memory of your vacation on this island and through this resort's myriad of interesting activities. You can get their advice regarding water activities, or you may also make your request about your favorite activity to be arranged by them.

Here are some of them...

Day Trip to the neighboring Virgin Island

It is a private facility with smaller but beautiful beach. Food is provided by boatmen who usually prepare their special grill dishes. Small shop is operating where you can purchase soft drinks, cigarettes and other limited necessities.

Motorbike Renting
A one day rent is PhP450. Two persons can use it to move around the area.
Bicycle Renting
Renting a bicycle for a day costs Php350.

Island Tours & Snorkeling
For a total of PhP1000.00, for two persons, you’ll be touring islands, snorkel, eat and drink, among the inclusions of this package.

Night Cruise Party
For a charge of PhP550, you’ll be taken out for a moonlit ocean cruise for about 2 hours. On board a boat, you will be offered beer or soft-drinks, etc. with some background music.

Day Fishing Trip
You’ll be catching fish in the morning. And if you caught some, the resort will be happy to cook them for you. While fishing, you can have some drinks available on board. The price is PhP750 per head for a minimum of two persons per trip. Wow!

Please, take note that rate/price changes depending on season and for other reasons without prior notice. The safest thing to do is fixed with the resort your activity and the rate before indulging with any activity.

Beach loungers and view at Coral Blue Oriental Beach Villas & Suites on Bantayan Island, Cebu, the Philippines

Tropical Accommodation / Room Types

The following features of the villas, suites, and other rooms available are just your guide to this fantastic place. The rates and features could change over time, so please make sure you check them out yourself. Here they are...

The villas, mostly made of bamboo and local materials, feature the following facilities and amenities:

    2 bedrooms, 1 living room, balcony, terrace, ocean view
    Rate: PhP9,950/night with breakfast; maximum 8 persons
    2 separate bedroom, king size beds, furniture, refrigerator, minibar, deposit box, LCD TV, internet connection, WiFi, etc.

The suites which are also tropically made of bamboo and other local materials that make them look nice and also create a cool temperature inside.

    Suite 1: PhP5,500; Wifi, LCD TV, DVD player, refrigerator, hot/cold showers, bathrobes, etc.
    It has the scenic view of the ocean through its wide terrace with lounges
    Suites 2, 3, and 4 are also available for the same rate and similar facilities and amenities.

For more details, please contact the management of this resort. This website is not affiliated with Coral Blue resort in any way. Here’s how you get in touched with Coral Blue…

Coral Blue Oriental Beach Villas and Suites' facilities & services on Bantayan Island, Cebu

Finding Coral Blue Oriental Beach Villas

Now, if you find this establishment attractive and worth further investigation, you may use the below contact details for your inquiry or questions about their great facilities and services. If you discovered that the details are unreachable, please let us know of the resort itself.

Phone:   032-438-9009; 032-316-8054
Mobile:   09173128243; 09283723021

Owner:   Josef Kaspeitzer
Mobile: +4915771791613
Phone/Fax: 0049-08662663547

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Many thanks for visiting this page. WE hope this is helpful on your search for a resort or beach in Cebu Province. Search more resources about this Philippine tropical site.

Have fun and enjoy your travels!

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