St Bernard Beach Resort

St Bernard Beach Resort

St Bernard Beach Resort Cottage on Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines

St Bernard Beach Resort is one fine resorts with white sand beach that cater to both local and foreign guest's holiday needs.

Similar to other beach resorts on Bantayan Island, St Bernard Beach Resort is conveniently established close to the popular beach in the Eastern side of the island - Alice Beach.

You can walk through the shoreline to get to this resort, or take a tricycle or motorbike from Santa Fe Pier. On foot, it will take about 15-20 minutes and much less by motorized transports mentioned.

When reaching the resort, you will notice that the plants (and flowers) and shades of coconut trees do not only beautify but also cool the whole resort.

Nice pathway at St Bernard Beach Resort on Bantayan island, Cebu, Philippines


The beachfront offers you a magnificent view of the ocean and the two smaller islands: Hilantagaan and Virgin Islands.

From the establishment you’ll see small fishing boats crisscrossing the turquoise waters with fishermen patiently guiding them.

From the terrace, visitors can observe the boats moving into the deeper waters for the fishers to catch fish either for their morning meal and/or as their livelihood.

As you enter the perimeter of the resort you’ll be greeted with flowers (hibiscus) that lined up your pathways like servants bowing their heads to welcome the visitors (or master of the house).

St Bernard Beach Resort's beach view in Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines


Saint Bernard Beach Resort is located in a small local community that is less developed. It means that it is in a Filipino surrounding with a culture that is about 10-15 years behind than the culture in urban areas of the country.

Most of the neighbors are fishers, coconut and corn farmers, and some local boat builders. Bernard can show you this boat builder if you are interested how the builder creates one!


Bernard has 8 cottages built with stone with unique circular design. The roofs are beautifully made from a woven nipa palm leaves. Each cottage is different from each other.

Some cottages have big double bed, nice and clean toilets, showers, electric fan and radios.

Some cottages are now provided with air-conditioning facility.


The rent per night starts from PhP950 to 2200+ depending on the size and facilities you prefer.

Air-conditioned rooms are of course cost higher than the non-aircon ones. The rooms are neat and nice with native materials used for cool atmosphere.

Updated room rates, photos, facilities, booking service, reservation are available in that link. Agoda provides you quick and safe booking transaction through its smarter booking online service. The company is the resort's advertiser and our official affiliate partner.

Cottages accommodation at St Bernard Beach Resort, Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, CebuCottages & cool rooms available

Facilities & Services

Pier Pick Up Service
A trisikad (bicycle with a side car) will pick you up from the pier and bring you to Bernard’s in 7 minutes. Is the bicycle that fast? No, the place is just close to the pier!

Airport Pick Up
St Bernard can pick you up from Cebu International Airport and drive you straight to Hagnaya Port for the ferry bound for Santa Fe, Bantayan Island.

Or, they can arrange an overnight stay in Cebu City and pick you up the next morning and bring you to the ferry for Bantayan Island.

Summary of Facilities, Services & Water Activities

St Bernard's has and offers the following facilities and services during your stay...

  • Restaurant, laundry service, family room, luggage storage, facilities for visitors with disabilities, pets friendly, aviary (birds, peacocks,etc)
  • Private beach area, cottage and sunbathing loungers, massage service, free WiFi service
  • Tours & Waters Activities: can be arranged through the front desk when requested (can be outsourced), such as island tours, water sports, etc.
Bantayan Island Beach Children Playing

St Bernard's Restaurant & Food

Now, let's check out St Bernard's food offers. The food includes some Western, Asian and Filipino dishes.

Meals Menu:

  • Chicken Gisado (fried chicken mixed with veggies)
  • Chicken Ala wiener
  • Chicken Adobo (chicken in soy sauce, vinegar + other ingredients)
  • Porkchop filipino style
  • Pork Guisado (fried pork mixed with some veggies + other ingredients)
  • Pork Steak
  • Frikadellar (pork meatballs with brown sauce, etc)
  • Pork Tenderloin (in cream sauce with beacon)
  • Wiener Schnitzel
  • Chili con Carne (with garlic bread or plain rice)
  • Pork Adobo dry fried
  • Spaghetti in tomato sauce
  • Bam-i (fried noodles with veggies, prawn, etc.)
  • Pork Soup

Breakfast Menu:

  • Filipino Breakfast (fried egg, dried fish, garlic rice, coffee/tea, juice)
  • English Breakfast (fried egg, toast, butter, corned beef, coffee/tea, juice)
  • Continental Breakfast (fried egg, toast, jam, butter, coffee/tea, juice)
  • American Breakfast (fried egg, ham, toast, jam & butter, coffee/tea, juice)
  • Swiss Breakfast (cheese omelet, toast, butter, coffee/tea, juice)
  • Cornflakes with milk
  • Oatmeal with milk
  • Plain Skinny Pancake
  • Banana Pancake with syrup

If you want to get real heavy and lots of choices of food, you can go out and find popular restaurants in town that are in resorts, hotels and other local independent restaurants.

Restaurant at St Bernard Beach Resort on Bantayan Island, Cebu, PhilippinesSt Bernard's Hut Restaurant

Finding St Bernard Beach Resort

If you have questions or any inquiry, please use the following contact details or address available as follows.

Phone:    +63-908 582 4927 or sms to +63-917 963 6162
Address: Alice Beach, Okoy, Sta Fe, Bantayan Island, 6047 Cebu, Philippines

If you want to find out more about this resort, you may see more photos and details through and other links available in this page.

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