'Fine' Sugar Beach Resort
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Bantayan's Sugar Beach Resort

Sugar Beach Resort on Bantayan Island, Cebu, PhilippinesSugar Beach's white sand beach

Sugar Beach Resort is a public resort in Sta Fe, Bantayan Island.

Sugar has the widest white sand beach on the island.

It is called ‘sugar’ because of its fine grain that can be compared to a white (or brownish) sugar.

What is great about this this, in addition to the fine white sand, is that you won’t feel afraid of treading barefooted on the beach or while swimming because…

There are no sharp rocks or corals that could hurt your feet.

Some people say that the seawater in this area (or maybe the whole island’s beaches) is not so salty that it won’t cause pain to your eyes. If you wanna know the truth then check it our yourself!

Coconuts at Sugar Beach Resort on Bantayan Island, Cebu

Sugar Beach's Facilities

Sugar Beach Resort's facilities are very simple and basic. The resort caters to the general public and those who are looking for budget and affordable facilities.

Open Cottages
Sugar Beach has open cottages for resting and eating your picnic goodies, but they are for rent. You can rent them for a day for a fair fee.

Tents of various sizes and capacities are also available for rent (PhP150 to 250). If you got your own tent then you can just pitch it for FREE!

Certainly, it is a fantastic experience to sleep outside of your usual square room, and watch the moon or stargaze while sharing stories...

Sugar Beach Resort Facilities on Bantayan Island, Cebu, PhilippinesSugar Beach has hut cottages, mess hall, tents, rooms for rent

Available Rooms

Here are brief descriptions of the rooms available if you decide to come and stay for a day or longer.

Tidewater Halls. There are various conditions for this type of rooms. There are those with aircon and no aircon, with bathroom and no bathroom, etc. The price ranges from PhP3000 to PhP3500.

Sea Breeze Hall. This is a 5-bedroom establishment with 8 beds, bamboo sofas and bathrooms (PhP9000).

White Duplex (PhP2000)
Green Duplex (PhP3000)
Family Rooms; Couple Rooms (Php1200 up)

The fan room is the cheapest one (PhP700+) that includes a comfort room.

Please, keep in mind that rates changes over time or due to management and development of the facility.

sugar-beach-resortSugar Beach Resort's native cottages

Dining In or Out?

There is no restaurant available at this establishment. It means that you have to prepare your own supply.

Or, you can visit the market and ask the staff to cook it for you, for which you have to pay (PhP50 per dish - subject to change).

However, you can dine in at the restaurants available in the market. At these restaurants you can try the real local home-cooked dishes. Besides, you can have more choices than the ones offered in most resort restaurants.

This public facility has no website available but widely publicized by many webmasters and bloggers.

Which means that you can only find photos and evaluations about this beach via blogs and other internet sources…

However, you can contact them directly through this…

Contact Information:

Phone: +63-9217755058; +63-9183710627

How To Get To Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island is quite accessible to various means of transportation. Depending on where you come from time also varies. For example, if you come from Cebu City it will take you at most 4 hours to reach the island.

The 4-hour travel means that you will take a bus (van, taxi, private car) from Cebu City then transfer to a ferry at Hagnaya Port for Sta Fe Pier on Bantayan Island. Please, get more details and descriptions as your guide from Getting to Bantayan Island page.

sugar-beach-resortWhite grounds of Sugar Beach Resort

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