Bonita Oasis Beach Resort

Pretty Bonita Oasis Beach Resort

bonita-oasis-beach-resortNice swimming pool at Bonita Oasis Beach Resort

Bonita Oasis Beach Resort

The beautiful Bonita Oasis Beach Resort is nicely nestled in Moalboal Town, Cebu Province. Moalboal, that is if you don't know anything about the place yet, is a popular destination for beach lovers, vacationers and divers.

That’s because of its white sand beaches, various choices of accommodations, and a myriad of facilities and activities you can enjoy with.

Among others, Moalboal is also best for aquaholics – divers of all sorts. There are various shops than provide enthusiastic divers and divers-to-be who come to this area.

At Bonita, you can have the perfect picture of the beach and sea that you've been looking for. From this resort, you can visit a famous island, Pescador, which is just 3 kilometers and where diving spots are attracting divers.

In this diving spot, you can have a perfect visibility until 50 meters depth where you can swim with colorful fishes and other tropical underwater creatures.

Find out more great offers from Bonita below.

Fun Activities & Adventures

Although Bonita only provides an idyllic serene abode, they can make arrangements with local dive shops and such service centers if ever you wanna dive, swim, snorkel or just go for island hopping.

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

These two are very popular water activities in Moalboal area due to the fecund bio-diverse marine life in this area. Beautiful coral reefs support the life of soft and hard corals as well as the colorful and weird-looking fishes and everything underwater.

Some adventures prefer to see sharks, whale sharks, sea turtles or school of tuna fish.

Island Tours / Hopping

They call it 'hopping' in the sense that guests will be seeing and 'hopping' from one island to another for fun. Guests will be provided with food, drinks and other facilities you will need while hopping. There is a fix arrangement for this service, but certainly you can negotiate according to your preferences.

Dry Land Adventures

If you request, Bonita will be happy to arrange your dry land adventures, including: canyoning, horseback riding, cave visiting, river climbing, among others. Yes, you can do these adventures if you are done with your sea adventures, or if you prefer these only.

Visits to places

The famous Kawasan Falls is among the usual destinations around Moalboal. All can be arranged with the local tour and adventure operators in Moalboal through Bonita Resort.

Facilities & Services at Bonita Beach Resort

If you love just staying safely and comfortably inside Bonita facility, you can do or enjoy their services available, such as…

Swimming Pool and Outdoor Jacuzzi

Families with kids can enjoy Bonita’s cool swimming pool. Surely, adults can also enjoy and relax at the outdoor Jacuzzi just beside the swimming pool, which are both offering great views of the sea and the sunset.

Bonita Oasis Beach Resort's beach loungersSunbathing chairs at Bonita Oasis Resort

Restaurant & Bar
Yes, restaurants are one of the most important requirements to fully enjoy your holiday, break or vacation. Bonita restaurant serves both Filipino and Western style dishes. The bar offers all sorts drinks and beverages you want to drink and enjoy with.

Air-conditioned Vehicles
Bonita offers pick up service from Cebu City or Mactan International Airport if requested.
You can avail this service especially when you come in groups. The L-300 Van has no regular schedule but only leaves for Moalboal only when full. You can find these Vans close by bus terminals.

Wireless Internet Access
while relaxing on your couch or lounge inside the establishment, you can check your emails or do light work using the internet connection (WiFi). Note that not all resorts in Cebu have WiFi facility.

Bonita Accommodation / Rooms

Bonita Oasis Beach Resort has plenty of rooms available. The resort offers eight various choices depending on your preferences and needs. You can have from a budget type to a much elaborate room with sea view and other amenities.

Okay, here are the type of accommodations available and their respective (temporary) rates (in this writing)...

  • Executive Room (Sea View with Satellite TV, PhP2500, 2 pax, 1 king size bed)
  • Big Family Rooms (no TV, PhP3300, 4 pax, 2 king size bed)
  • Room with mini kitchen % TV (PhP3000, 2 pax, 1 king size bed)
  • Extra Big Family Room (with TV, PhP3500, 4 pax, 2 king size beds)
  • Premium Rooms (non-sea view rooms, PhP2200, 2 pax, 1 queen size/1 single bed)
  • Economy Room (smallest room, PhP1800, 2 pax, 2 single beds)
  • Standard Room (non-sea-view room, PhP2000, 2 pax, 1 double bed)
  • Room with Mini-Kitchen (no TV, PhP2500, 2 pax, 1 king size bed)
Bonita Oasis Beach Resort bedroomA bedroom at Bonita Oasis Resort

Please, check out the any updated rate from the official site of Bonita Resort to make sure in case there are new changes. This website will not take any responsibility to any losses incurred due to your use of the information featured above. They only serve as guides to give you some ideas.

Finding Bonita Oasis Beach Resort

You wouldn't miss finding Bonita Oasis Resort since this is quite a popular resort in town. You might need the address below in case you want to make sure you'll get to the right place.

Address:   Bonita Oasis Beach Resort, Basdiot, Moalboal Town, Cebu, the Philippines
Mobile:     (+63) 919-6537-716; (+63) 947-2191-136
Tel:            (+63-32) 514-3619 PLDT; (+63-32) 474-3034 GLOBE; (+63-32) 474-3009 FAX/TEL

From Cebu City to Bonita Beach Resort

If you want to visit the place by bus, you need to get a taxi to Cebu South Bus Terminal and take a bus from there that will bring you to Moalboal Town. It is quicker to get a taxi if you are coming from Cebu Mactan International Airport to the bus terminal, which takes around 30 to 40 minutes depending on the traffic.

If you came from Mactan Airport, here are the cities and towns you’ll be passing by:
Mandaue, Cebu City, Talisay, Naga, San Fernando, Carcar, Barili, Tangil, Dumanjug, Ronda, and Alcantara, and Moalboal.

Moalboal Town’s center is (Church) just across the public market where you can take a 10-minute tricycle ride to the resort. If you prefer, you can inform Bonita Resort for a pickup service in advance.

Getting to Cebu

If you haven't been to Cebu Island yet, you might need some guides. Use the page that will be linked here which describes how to get to Cebu via international flights or via sea transports. Click the following link to see the guide on Getting to Cebu.

Bonita Oasis Beach Resort's ground viewInternal ground at Bonita Oasis Beach Resort, Moalboal, Cebu

More fine Moalboal beach resorts

Being in Moalboal area could at times be an overwhelming situation. You could be in a state of confusion as to where you want to go or what to do if you haven't prepared a plan. To help you a bit if you are in that situation, the following resorts might help your decide which one and where to go.

Now, here are some of Moalboal's popular places. Certainly, there are more available budget places if you are willing to search them when you are at the place.

Anthony’s Beach Resort
Asian Belgian Resort
Basdaku Beach Resort
Barefoot White Beach Resort
Club Serena Beach Resort
Cabana Beach Club Resort
Dacozy Beach Resort
Dolphin House Resort
Eve’s Kiosks Diver Resort
Hannahs Place Restaurant and Lodge
Kasai Village Beach Resort
Marcosas Cottages Resort
Marina Village Beach and Dive Resort
Quo Vadis Beach Resort
Ravenala Beach Bungalows
Savedra Beach Bungalows
Sea Turtle house
Sole e Mare Beach Resort
Stefanet’s Resort
Sumisid Lodge Moalboal
The Blue Orchid Resort
Tipolo Beach Resort
Turtle Bay Dive Resort

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