Tipolo Beach Resort in Moalboal

Tipolo Beach Resort in Panagsama Beach, Moalboal

Tipolo Beach Resort. A seaview from the resort during low tide when people prepare to move for their adventure of the day.

Tipolo Beach Resort Introduction

Located in one of the most popular diving and adventure destinations, Tipolo Beach Resort is in Cebu Islands – Panagsama Beach in Moalboal Town.

Moalboal is famous for both white beach resorts and abundant marine life dive sites.

Pescador Island and Sunken Island are among the dozens of dive spots which are regularly visited by regular local and international divers.

Tipolo Resort gladly provides you interesting water or diving activities, as well as dry land adventures.

Okay, let’s check out this resort’s…


You can have choices in selecting activities. You can either request for a day’s activity only or a package deal. These activities include: river climbing, volcano hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, motor cycling, canyoning, and more.

Garden view of Tipolo Beach Resort

Adventure packages in Moalboal

Canyoning Activity ($249/person)
•    4 nights at Tipolo Resort
•    Cebu Airport Round Trip Transfer
•    river climbing and falls canyoning

Weekend Adventure ($199/person)
•    2 nights at Tipolo Resort
•    round trip airport transfer
•    river climbing & falls canyoning

Adventure Tour Holiday ($385/person)
•    4 nights at Tipolo Resort
•    round trip airport transfer
•    river climbing, falls canyoning

Snorkeling at Pescador Island & White Beach tour
•    trekking tour at Osmena Park

Scuba diving packages at Tipolo

Five Dives Package ($295/person)
•    4 nights at Tipolo Resort
•    round trip airport transfer
•    5 dives with equipment
*options: single occupant, upgrade bed, extra night, nitrox, etc. with additional charges

Ten Dives Package ($429/person)
•    6 nights at Tipolo Resort
•    round trip airport transfer
•    10 individual dives with diving equipment
*There are options for upgrades with additional charges

Unlimited Dive ($519/person)
•    6 nights at Tipolo Resort
•    round trip airport transfer
•    4 days with non-limited dives, 3 boats dives + shore dives (no night dives)

Open restaurant at Tipolo Beach Resort in Panagsama Beach, Moalboal. The restaurant is right close to the beach where you can watch the sea, boats and people having fun in the sea.

Combined adventure & scuba dive packages

Action Adventure & Diving ($299/person)
•    4 nights at Tipolo Resort: 2 days canyoning & 1 day scuba diving
•    round trip airport transfer
•    river climbing, falls canyoning
*Options for upgrade with additional charges

Weekend Dive & Adventure ($199/person)
•    2 nights at Tipolo Resort
•    round trip airport transfer
•    canyoning at Montaneza Falls
•    1 individual dive with complete equipment
*Optional upgrades with additional charges

Adventure Scuba Dive ($429/person)
•    4 nights at Tipolo resort
•    round trip airport transfer
•    river climbing & canyoning at a falls
•    5 individual dives with equipment

Please, contact Tipolo Resort for any changes of their rates or package offers.

Sites & Places of Activities:
Canyoning at Montaneza Falls
River Climbing at Matutinao River
Scuba Diving at Pescador Island or at the resort’s house reef

Tipolo Beach Resort native hut apartments

Tipolo Beach Resort Facilities & Services

Tipolo Resort offers services that could fit to your holiday needs. The following are some of the basic services…
Private Airport Transfers
•    up to 3 persons (PhP2500 – one way); groups up to 9 persons (PhP3500 – one way)

Massage & Spa Service
•    skilled masseur and manicurist are available day at the Resort.

Fun Adventure & Tours
•    cave exploration, waterfalls visitation, beach barbecue, etc.
•    motor biking & mountain biking

Last Filling Station Restaurant
One of the best restaurants at Panagsama Beach. Just beside Tipolo Resort and serves delicious breakfast, pizzas, Italian dishes, Asian cuisines, sea foods, etc.

Yes, you can enjoy one or all of those interesting activities, if you wish.
Now, let’s check out where you’ll be staying and sleeping…

Tipolo Beach Resort Restaurant. The restaurant offers various cuisines including traditional native Filipino, Asian, Italian, European and more Western dishes.

Tipolo Beach Resort Accommodation/Rooms

Tipolo offers plenty of rooms for your choices. You can stay in one of their cool native hut style cottage rooms fit for your tropical holiday. Check them below...

Seaside Double Bed Room (PhP1800)
It has a sea view balcony, air condition, fan, European style bathroom, hot shower, free Wifi

Seaside Two Single Bed Room (PhP1500)
This one also has a sea view balcony, air con, fan, European style bathroom and hot shower, Free Wifi, etc.

Villa Double Bed Room (PhP1800)
This accommodation provides satellite TV, air con, ceiling fan, European style bathroom with hot shower, Free WiFi, etc.

Please, make sure that you get the updated rates of their rooms. If you want to find more resorts located in the popular Moalboal, feel free to see photos, rates and more details here.

Tipolo Beach Resort Deluxe Rooms. The resort offers fantastic accommodation facilities that fit to your tropical holiday taste. Tipolo Resort is located in Panagsama  Beach Resort, Moalboal, CebuCool Deluxe Room at Tipolo Beach Resort, Moalboal

Finding Tipolo Beach Resort

The following are the contact details of Tipolo Resort if you are planning to inquire about their facilities and services.

Address: Tipolo Beach Resort, Panagsama Beach, 6032 Moalboal, Cebu Philippines
Landline: +6332 - 4743016
Mobile:    +63 922 365 45 16
Website:  www.tipoloresort.com

See more photos, facilities, rooms, services, or reserve and book for this resort by clicking the link provided.

To get to Moalboal Town where you can find Tipolo, you may use our travel guide in this site for greater convenience. Just read Getting to Moalboal guide page where you will find descriptions of transports and other tips to get there.

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