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Sumisid Lodge

Sumisid Lodge Moalboal is a nicely established resort accommodation on Panagsama Beach in Moalboal, Cebu, The Philippines.

The word ‘sumisid’ is a Filipino verb that means ‘to swim under water’ or ‘to dive head first into the water’ (

This is exactly the appropriate name of this establishment since the area itself is known for swimming, and especially diving activities.

Sumisid is just beside a dive center called SeaQuest Dive Center, a popular dive center in the province.

The lodge has a fantastic view of Negros Island and the calm Pacific Ocean. It started operating in the early 80’s and is one of the first dive lodges in the area.

Sumisid Lodge in MoalboalEntrance of Sumisid Lodge Resort facing the street

Fun Activities & Adventures

As we already know, this place can provide interesting…

Scuba Diving Activity

Even if you are a newbie, you shouldn’t miss swimming or learning scuba dive when you come to this place. Sumisid will happily arrange, if you decide to, your request at SeaQuest Dive Center for you desired dive plan. You can start snorkeling and diving at the house reef located right in front of the center.

On Land Excursions & Trips

Sumisid can arrange your request for excursions, day trips, and rentals: motorbike, boat, etc. In this part of the province, there are many interesting as well as varied challenging topographies you might enjoy exploring.

The island trip, or the so-called "island-hopping", is one of the most popular activities where you can enjoy seeing smaller islands with nice beaches, eat at great restaurants, swim, dive, sunbath, etc.

The most popular offers by expert adventure centers in the area include: river climbing, falls rappelling, trekking, mountain biking, motorcycling, among other adrenaline provoking activities. Sumisid Lodge Moalboal can arrange them for you.

Malapascua IslandMalapascua Island is one of the places that most guests do not miss in their safari trips

Facilities & Services Available

Sumisid Lodge provides you peaceful and homey atmosphere.

To experience a realistic tropical atmosphere by the beach, there are fundamental facilities (such as furniture, bed frames, etc.) which are built and made from bamboo and wooden materials.

Lounge, Veranda & WiFi
The lounge area for relaxation also serves as dining hall for buffet style meals. Each room has spacious veranda for relaxing and surfing the net with free Wifi service.

More Services
Car Transfers (Cebu Airport-Moalboal and vice versa)
Airline Ticket Confirmation
Requests for excursions, hiking, laundry, massage service, etc.

Sumisid Accommodation

Being one of the original lodges build in the area, Sumisid Lodge Moalboal has only 5 but comfortable rooms available on the ground floor (first floor in American). The first floor (second floor in American) are the budget rooms. The establishment is a 2-storey building.

Let’s check out some descriptions of your room to be…

Ground Floor Rooms: 5 rooms each with air con, 1 double bed, 1 single bed; 2 single beds, bathrooms, hot and cold showers

First Floor Rooms: budget room with electric fans, common bathrooms, and only cold water for showers (which is warm, actually, in this tropical area).

Please, let us know should there be changes and other relevant updates regarding the accommodation facilities. Thanks in advance!

Finding Sumisid Lodge in Moalboal

Right below are the contact details you will need to find Sumisid in this area. It is not hard to find the place since it is popular even among our foreign friends.

Address: Sumisid Lodge, Panagsama Beach, Basdiot, Moalboal, Cebu, The Philippines
Tel.:         (+63-32) 232.6010 / 418.1550
Fax:         (+63-32) 231.5054 / 418.1550
Skype ID: seaquest-cebu

If you need a guide, you may use a link page that provides you some details to find place such as bus and other transports available: Getting to Moalboal.

And if you are going to fly to Cebu to get to Moalboal for the first time in your life, you will find this guide which details airlines flying to Cebu directly from some airports: getting to Cebu. That page also describes not only international flights but also domestic, and also shipping companies operating in Cebu City.

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