Kasai Village Beach Resort

Kasai Village Beach Resort (Dive & Spa)

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Kasai Village Beach Resort

Kasai Village Beach Resort (dive & spa) is in Moalboal, a famous destination among white beach enthusiasts and divers alike.

Moalboal does not only offer interesting water activities but also on land adventures, including canyoning, river climbing, among other challenging and exciting tropical activities

Moalboal is situated in the southwestern coast of Cebu Island. Among the famous dive sites are the Pescador Island and Sunken Island.

Kasai is just around 2 hours from Cebu City or more from Mactan Island where the international airport is located.

And, aside from interesting and exciting seawater adventures and outdoor activities, you can comfortably relax and enjoy Kasai's great accommodation facilities and services.

Now, let's go on and continue reading more interesting features and see if you can find anything you might possibly think of doing.

Interesting Features

White beaches are the main attraction of this place where Kasai Village Beach Resort is located.

Second, amazing dive spots, especially in Pescador Island and Sunken Island, are must-dive sports among amateur and professional divers alike.

Third, Moalboal is in a strategic place where you can easily access various interesting places within an hour car’s ride.

You can explore the tropical forest, rivers, canyons, caves and hot springs. For the romantics and dreamers, you can just stay at Kasai’s abode to relax and enjoy your private moments.

Fun Water Activities & Adventures

As you have already guessed right, Kasai Village Beach resort offers (and arranges) popular and exciting water activities, including…

  • Jungle trips
  • Motorcycle riding
  • Trekking waterfalls & hot springs
  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Boating
  • Diving lessons
  • Cebu City Tour
  • Golf Course
    And more!

Yes, they are really fun and interesting to do in this part of the province. Please, note that they are not part of your accommodation arrangements. So, make your request for any of such service as you reserve your accommodation, if possible.

However, you may also arrange any of your water activity, tour or other outdoor activity when you are already at the resort itself. But, if you are that persons who make sure things happen according to plan, better book it ahead... especially during peak seasons.

Pescador IslandThe waters, sea walls, and vibrant marine life in this island attract snorkelers and divers

Great Facilities & Services at Kasai

At Kasai Village Dive and Spa Resort, you’ll be provided with almost everything you might possibly need while enjoying your holiday.

General standard facilities & services

Swimming pool, jetty service (for diving facility), pool table, restaurant, kayak, volleyball, WiFi access, gift shop, rock bar, nursing service, etc.

I'm sure you cannot avail or do everything at once all those available facilities and offers but it is great to know what they can do for you. Just make sure you arrange any service in advance to make sure you get it and not feeling disappointed for any reason, such as not more sits available for the trip, or any.

Boat trips, diving, rentals, etc.

Aside from just relaxing and enjoying the resorts elegant facilities and services, you might also want to avail Kasai Village Dive & Spa Resort's seawater activities and adventures. You may choose from the following interesting offers...

Daily diving trips
Snorkeling tours
Equipment rental
Camera facilities
Diving for marine life, e.g. whale shark, etc.

Scuba Education

Kasai also offers various choices of scuba diving lessons. Its professional and experienced teachers and scuba diving instructors will provided high quality guidance and lessons. Part of its lessons is how to make the most of your diving capability and how to keep yourself always safe in your diving activity.

From among their varied diving education courses, here are some of them:

Kids only, Padi Scuba Diver, Padi Open water diver, Padi Open water referral, and Padi Open water deluxe

Improving skills lessons

To improve better your skills in scuba diving and experience better the beauty of the underwater world, you may continue learning some courses at Kasai. Here are some of them:

Padi Adventure diver, Padi Advanced Open water diver, Padi emergency first response, Padi rescue diver, and Padi rescue diver deluxe.

Aside from the regular and standard scuba diving lessons and courses you can obtain at Kasai Village, you can also get some Specialty Courses to make you an expert in a specific aspect of scuba diving. These courses include:

Padi enriched air diver, Padi oxygen provider, Padi specialty course, and Padi master scuba diver.

There are also technical dive and leadership courses offered: Dive theory review, Divemaster, and Assistant Instructor.

More Great Services

Massage and health treatments

It should also be noted that Kasai Village Beach Resort is friendly to ‘disabled’ guests and provide all necessary equipment and facilities to make their holiday more enjoyable as well. Here are some of the services you might be looking at Kasai Resort:

Nanny Service, Banquet Packages, Nursing Service, Event Facilities, Meetings & Events

Healthy Spa Services

Kasai Village offers a variety of treatments to rejuvenate one’s stressed out and tired body and mind. Their experienced and professional spa personnel are very capable to do such physical treatments. The menu of service include:

Full body massage

Four-hand massage, Swedish massage, Shiatsu massage, and mixed massage

All of these massages will take one full hour (60 minutes), but each menu differ from each other in that the master masseurs perform different strokes in massaging your body to relax and rejuvenate your muscles, thus relieving your tensions and stresses.

Therapeutic Touch

Foot massage. This takes 30 minutes to perform the service, plus a reflex massage to help your relieve foot pains and tensions. It is thought that having your feet made healthy they affect your whole body's physical health.

Head and back massage. This also takes 30 minutes to accomplish. Undergoing massage of your head, neck, back and shoulder will certainly induce great feeling aside from relieving and relaxing your tense muscles due to overwork and other stress-inducing situations in your normal daily life.

Beauty Treatments

The following treatments are the basic standard services for women, and also for men who really care and are conscious of their appearances.

hot oil treatment, traditional facial, refresher facial, foot spa, manicure and pedicure

Most of these beauty treatments require 60 minutes to accomplish. Of course, you can freely have your time and space to enjoy scanning reading materials or just enjoying a sip of your drinks while waiting and undergoing any treatment, if possible.

Finding Kasai Village Dive & Spa Resort

It is quite easy to find and reach Kasai Village Beach Resort Dive & Spa in Moalboal. You can use the updated information below to help you out. If they got a new contact information, please let us know and our users of this free website.

Address:        Kasai Village Beach Resort, Tuble, Moalboal, 6032 Cebu, Philippines
Reservation: +63 (0)32 516 2617 | Front Office: +63 (0)32 406 7865
Email Address: info@kasaivillage.com | booking@kasaivillage.com
Website:        www.kasaivillage.com

Getting to Moalboal

In case you need some guides on finding and reaching Kasai Village Dive and Spa Resort, you can make use of another page at this very site. Just hit the following link to open the guide page for your convenience: Getting to Moalboal.

However, if you will be visiting Cebu for the first and has no idea on how to get there, you need to find another guide page to help you find Cebu Province and Moalboal Town. This page describes international and domestic airline flights that land on Mactan Island at Mactan-Cebu International Airport. Here is your guide page on getting to Cebu.

Thanks for the visit. Please, come and visit this site from time to time to check out more interesting development and interesting information.

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