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Nice view of Turtle Bay Dive Resort's pool and accommodation facility

Turtle Bay Dive Resort in Moalboal, Philippines

Turtle Bay Dive Resort is a secluded holiday destination located in Moalboal, Cebu Islands, Philippines.

It is a classy resort with spacious landscaped surroundings – with palm trees and clean grounds, well-groomed grass and other green tropical plants.

Turtle Bay Resort offers unforgettable dive experiences of the sea corals and the laid back atmosphere and relaxing environment to its guests.

Above all, Turtle Bay Resort is an expert provider of diving activities and dive courses in Moalboal area and the whole province.

From Mactan-Cebu International Airport, Turtle Bay Dive Resort is about 97 kilometers. And when you are in Cebu City, Turtle Bay is about 89 kilometers only.

The resort is about 2 kilometers to Panagsama Beach (Moalboal) where most scuba divers embark for their sea quests and all.

It is only 3 kilometers to Moalboal Town center where you can shop and see some local culture, activities, business and local offices.

White Beach (or Basdaku Beach) is only about 8 kilometers from Turtle Bay. Basdaku is the most popular beach if you want to swim, sunbath, play beach volleyball, barbecue, or anything. Renting a cottage, boat, motorbikes, and other rentals are also available in this beach resort.

To see more of what Turtle Bay Resort can offer, let’s check out its…

Amenities & Recreation Offers

In this resort, you'll have access to all the amenities and facilities for your family, business, group, or personal break or vacation. In sum, Turtle Bay has adult and kiddie swimming pools, a bar, games room, accommodation / rooms and villas, a restaurant, and a spa and sauna facility.

While relaxing and enjoying the facilities of the resort, you can avail any of their water activities and outdoor recreation offers. It means that you need to leave the comfortable room and have to go out to explore, get challenged physically and mentally.

The resort offers: kayaking, local tours, snorkeling, scuba diving, mountain biking, motorcycling, among others. You need to arrange any activity you want to enjoy with the management. Depending on your arrangement, you might have to rent some of those recreation facilities to avail them.

Turtle Bay Dive Resort TopviewA nice topview photo of Turtle Bay Dive Resort in Moalboal, Cebu

Interesting Diving Activities & Offers

Turtle Bay Resort offers various interesting things so that their guests can enjoy better the sea and everything there is in it. All sorts of scuba diving fun activities are available.

Certainly, if you want to learn how to scuba dive, or learn how to snorkel at least, courses are being offered with on the spot exercises aside from theories you need to learn.

Here are the offers...

  • PADI Courses
  • Nitrox Diving
  • House reef diving
  • Drift diving
  • Muck diving
  • Night diving
  • Sandy slope diving
  • Turtle diving
  • Shark diving
  • Wall diving
  • Macro-photography diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Wreck diving, etc.

That's right! There are loads of fun venues for you to choose from. They have offers for both beginners and experts diving activities available.

Learning to Dive at Turtle Bay Dive Resort

The resort offers interesting dive courses from professional and expert teachers and divers in town. You would surely learn fast and enjoy sooner the beauty of Moalboal's underwater world.

There are two kinds of diving courses: for children and for adults. For children courses, there are: bubble maker, discover scuba, discover scuba diving, seal team, scuba diver, junior open water scuba diver, and junior advance open water scuba diver.

For adults, the courses include:

discover scuba, discover scuba diving, master scuba diver, rescue diver, emergency first responder, open water scuba diver, advanced open water diver, scuba review, and specialty courses (such as deep diver, drift diving, night diving, oxygen provider, photography, under water navigation, videography, nitrox diving, etc.

Becoming A Divemaster

For you to become an expert or dive master, you are required to have the following qualifications:

Certified Open Water Diver
Certified Rescue Diver
Current EFR
current medical statement
have 60 logged dives

This course requires you to accomplish a 14-day learning and practice activities in their facility. During this PADI divemaster program, you are expected to learn leadership skills in diving that you will earn in your classes and private study time.

And as a learner to become a dive master, you need to master your water skills and other actual scuba diving problem solving capabilities. For this, you will be helped and guided through by your teachers during the learning period with structured practical exercises and application of your knowledge.

PADI E-Learning with Turtle Bay Resort

Yes, you can save time and money by learning in advance the theories and lessons you need before actually applying for any dive course. You can do this online and pay safely through Turtle Bay's secure system.

After learning online, you'll be ready to start your actual lessons at this dive resort, for which you need to pay for accommodation, water training, equipment rentals, among others to complete your dive course.

Now, having made up your mind and planned for your decisions, you can check out the accommodation facilities at this resort as below. The resort has 28 rooms available.

Villas & Rooms at Turtle Bay Dive Resort

A bedroom at Turtle Bay Resort

Okay… here are the rooms or accommodation facilities that you need to book if you have decided already to come and visit this place…

Garden-View Deluxe Rooms: single-storey villa, landscaped gardens, queen bed, twin single bed, aircondition, ceiling fan, mini bar, private bathroom, hot shower, private terrace, etc.

Pool-View Deluxe Room: two-storey overlooking the pool with garden; queen size bed, air-condition, ceiling fan, mini bar, bathroom and hot show, private balcony, etc.

Sea-View Deluxe Room: villa on a hill with view of the Tanon Strait, private terrace, queen size bed, aircondition, ceiling fan, bathroom and hot shower, etc.

Sea-View Kings Room: view of the bay and mountain range, private terrace, king bed, aircon, mini bar, hot & cold showers, etc.

Garden-View Deluxe Family & Triple Rooms: overlooks a private garden, children’s swings, queen size bed, single bed… aircon, mini bar, terrace, etc.

Pool-View Superior Room: two-storey that overlooks a pool and gardens, Filipino style queen bed, 1 single bed, air condition, ceiling fan, mini bar… spacious balcony, etc.

Please, check out the official website below for detailed & upgraded rates and more facilities being offered. Or, see directly the rates in the search box below...

Finding Nemo & Turtle Bay Dive Resort

Reaching Turtle Bay Dive Resort is very easy. If you arranged a pickup service with the resort, then you won't need to use the specific address indicated below. But you need the contact details to start with.

Location: Turtle Bay Dive Resort, Tongo Point, Basdiot, Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines
Office:     Turtle Bay Resort, Inc., Sunny Hills Subdivision, Talamban, Cebu City 6000, Philippines.
Mobile:    +63 917 323 2638, +63 917 6314 261 (Globe)
Skype:      chrisfewhite
Email:       turtlebaydiveresort@yahoo.com
Website:   http://www.turtlebaydiveresort.com/

To reach Moalboal Town, if you need a map guide, you may click the following link page: Getting to Moalboal. It describes transports you can take from Cebu City or Mactan.

And, in case, you don't know much or haven't been to Cebu Province yet in your whole life, please use the Getting to Cebu page. It describes international flights from all possible airport hubs in the world, and you can also find shipping companies that do business in Cebu. Enjoy!

Thank you for visiting this page and spending your precious time. We wish you’ll come by again or regularly check out new interesting information about the tropical Cebu Island.

Have a wonderful holiday, then!

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