Club Serena Beach Resort

Fantastic Club Serena Beach Resort

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Club Serena Beach Resort

Club Serena Beach Resort is ideally situated in Moalboal’s idyllic and fantastic holiday destination.

The establishment is where one can fully appreciate the panorama of the sea, white beach, and the crimson sunset.

Aside from providing the perfect place for beach holiday, Serena Resort can also provide various services and social events accommodation, such as beach weddings among other special moments of one's life.

And, of course, if you came for some active and adrenaline pumping activities, besides relaxation and tanning, Club Serena Beach Resort collaborates with other popular service providers for your satisfaction.

The video on the right shows resort's people doing the clean service around the area.

For some interesting features and descriptions regarding the great resort, let us check out some of them...

Fun activities & adventures at Serena Beach Resort

Club Serena Beach Resort offers almost anything you can think of any enjoyable and relaxing as well as challenging activities. The resort offers fun as well as interesting adventures and outdoor activities to its guests.

The below descriptions are just some of the major activities that most guests would avail, however, they resort will certainly be happy if you suggest any event or activity that they can possibly provide you. Check them out!

Scuba Diving Certification

This is one of Serena's big program/activities for serious sea lovers or aquaholics. The resort offers lessons and practical class for interested persons in scuba diving. You can easily learn it since you will have both the theory and practice at the same time.

Aside from scuba diving you might be also interested to do the free diving, which I think a bit more challenging that scuba diving. However, if you prefer a lighter and easier activity, you can enjoy snorkeling in the shallow areas nearby and observe the colorful bio-diverse marine life.

Dolphin Watching, Island Hopping, Boating, etc.

Yes, these are another interesting activities, especially for families and bigger groups. You will enjoy watching dolphins taking an outrigger boat, or visit the islands and have fun on their nice beaches with food and drinks.

Island Hopping in Moalboal by Club Serena Beach ClubFacebook photo of island hopping guests at Club Serena Beach Club

Kawasan Waterfalls Picnic

Kawasan Falls is just about less than 30 minutes from Club Serena Beach Resort. The waterfalls is great for picnics with the nice and cool fresh water right infront of you. You can enjoy the falls not only by watching it but also by taking on the guided bamboo raft and get wet and massaged by the strong falling water.

Canyoneering & motor-trailing (motorcycling)

These services are being offered by the club in collaboration with other service providers in the area. You can have enjoyable and challenging experiences when you climb the river's rocks and other natural places that they offer you.

And for those who love motorbike adventures, you will have more detailed experiences of the local environment and local inhabitants and their lifestyles through riding motorbikes. Just make sure you have proper licenses and safety gears. Please, drive safely and know your route back home!

Whale Shark Swimming

Club Serena can arrange a whale shark swimming for those who love bigger but gentle creatures. Whale sharks are popular in Oslob town, Cebu Province. This is another interesting activity that most who have been there say 30 minutes is not enough!

The resort will arrange this for you if you make the request. The charge depends on your arrange with your resort, but the whale shark tourism in Oslob have their regular rate for each guest. The rate is usually higher for a foreigner than for a local. "I don't know", if you ask me why.

Facilities & Services at Club Serena Beach Resort

A tasty-looking pizza at Club Serena Beach Resort

The facilities of Club Serena allow guests to have meetings, team building activities, family gatherings, and such big group activity.

Since this club is quiet and private, newly-wed couples and people who needs such an atmosphere may find it ideal.

Club Serena’s Clubhouse Restaurant serves an array of Asian Cuisine. The restaurant can accommodate about a 100 guests at a time.

They also serve ala carte, breakfast meals, snacks, beverages & spirits. If you want a buffet for your group, they serve it from 20 persons and above.

Buffet Meal

You will enjoy your hearty meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Food from various cultural backgrounds or origins will be served anytime during the meal times. Certainly, there are various choices of food for those who prefers certain food only, such as persons who have preferences for diet or vegetarian food.

In case, you have other special preferences, such as allergy to something or religious reasons, just let the management know in advance, or even during reservation.

Now, since you are on the beach, you shouldn't or you will not miss enjoying all sorts of sea food available in the area that will served by Serena.

Breakfast - Php 250.00 per head
Lunch/Dinner - Php 388.00 per head

Swimming Pools
Club Serena has 2 swimming pools which are deep enough for you to swim deeper (8 feet deep). The second one if ideal for scuba diving lessons (11 feet deep).

Serena's great accommodations / rooms

Let’s check out Club Serena’s great accommodation offers.

Most of them have their private individual facilities.

With artistic and intricate designs, all the more you’ll appreciate the beach and everything within and around it.

Depending on the accommodation of your choice, a cottage has a balcony, outdoor shower room, sea view, etc…

An fb photo of Club Serena Resort's room veranda

Mermaid's Cavern
Php 5,600.00/night

Merman's Cavern
Php 5,600.00/night

Governor's Suite
Php 6,000.00/night

Chairman's Suite
Php 6,000.00/night

All those new suites are good for two guests each room. The beds are especially made for larger and bigger sizes of foreign guests.

The suites have outdoor rain showers, bathtubs, indoor toilets with bidets, and other toiletry.

Other features include dressers, hair dryers, minibars, flat screen TV home theatre and satellite cable channels. A safety deposit box is also set up in case you need to keep your valuables for safekeeping.

Rajah Cottage
Php 3,000.00/night

Cottages 1 and 2
Php 3,000.00/cottage/night

Tree House 1 and 2
Php 3,600.00/cottage/night

Casita 1 and 2
Php 3,600.00/cottage/night

Beach Front House Honeymoon Suite
Php 3,600.00/night

All the cottages can accommodate two guests. If you have another friend or guest then you need to pay additional charge (Php300).

Only children below 4 years old are free and should only use the bed available.

Only a cottage that is for 4 guests that can  include a child for free of charge.

You can only confirm your reservation when you deposit 50% of the total charge. You may pay full only before you depart the resort.

Please, in case the rates/price changes, check out their website to find out the updated ones to make sure. Or, easier to check out Club Serena through the search box below:

Finding Club Serena Beach Resort

The popular Club Serena Beach Resort is not hard to find in Moalboal. You just anyone in the street and they tell you right away. Okay, here are the information you might need to get to this great place.

Address: Blue Garden Complex Commercial Uni 1, Wilson St., Lahug, Cebu City 6000, Philippines
Telefax:  +63 32 417 2445 / 516-8118
Mobile phone numbers: (Smart)

+63 920 902 8888 (3pm to 2am)
+63 928 507 2026 (9am to 6pm)
+63 920 927 2939 (9am to 6pm)
+63 908 894 5847 (9am to 6pm)
+63 918 965 1673 (9am to 6pm)
+63 939 345 4127 (9am to 6pm)


Getting to Moalboal

Just click the link above to get some guidance on getting to Moalboal. You can take a bus, van, taxi or even a motorbike from anywhere in the province.

However, if you haven't been to Cebu and needs a guide, you can use this Getting to Cebu page to walk you through in various ways and transport system. Let us know should you need some help. The page describes international flights from various air carriers that flies to Cebu-Mactan International Airport.

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Hope you'll have wonderful and memorable time.

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