The Blue Orchid Resort

The Blue Orchid Resort

The Blue Orchid Resort's Swimming PoolThe Blue Orchid Resort's nice swimming pool inside the establishment

The Blue Orchid Resort

Orchid Resort is beautiful resting place located in the northern tip of Moalboal’s one of the few white sand beaches

Moalboal is one of the best places enjoy white beaches and explore the underwater world’s tropical marine life by scuba diving

Moalboal is also popular for various sorts of interesting and adrenalin pumping tours and adventures.

Fun & Exciting Activities

There are loads of interesting and exciting sea activities and outdoor events you can enjoy with. The following are just some of them as your guide.

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Moalboal has about 19 internationally recognized great dive sites with unique features. Most of these spots have steep walls. You can also dive muck diving spots, a plane wreck, and coral gardens.

Kawasan Waterfalls excursion for all ages

Yes, this is fun especially for families with members of various ages. You can have your picnic by the waterfalls which is famous for its three levels of falling waters. You can swim and get a water massage from the waterfall as you take the bamboo raft.

River Climbing

An physically demanding but exciting adventure. You are going against the flow of the river and from time to time climb huge rocks and go beyond other obstacles along the river’s way.


Rappelling down from pristine waterfalls down into the cool and refreshing rivers. Going down with the river’s flow.

Such activities can be arranged by your resort through outdoor activities providers collaborating with the resort itself.

Scuba diving with whaleshark's is one of the popular activities on the island.

Water activities & dive sites

The Blue Orchid Resort has its own diving boat for trips to various islands, dive sites and places nearby Moalboal. Some of the services for interesting activities include:

  • Kayaking
  • Free Diving Lessons
  • Snorkeling Trips
  • Island Hopping
  • Dolphin watching (only seasonal)

You can make a request and arrange for your trips, island hopping, or any among the activities they offer.

Dive Sites

Being and having the most beautiful diving sites in the province, you have myriad of choices to discover and enjoy the colorful and fecund under the sea world of Moalboal.

The following are some of the popular Moalboal dive sites where The Blue Orchid Resort can bring you to...

Ronda Bay, Sunken Island, Lambog Beach, Pescador Island, Badian Island, Balabagon, Pescador Cathedral, Tongo Point, Sampaguita, Talisay Wall, Panagsama Reef, Dolphin House, White Beach, Airplane Wreck, Tuble, Marine Sanctuary, etc.

Diving Courses Offered

Scuba Diving Courses
The Blue Orchid Resort's dive shop offers PADI Dive Courses that will suite to any interested individuals to learn as beginner or as an advanced learner and professional diver.

Such courses include a refresher course to get back your confidence to dive again in the water after sometime for not doing it, or a course that will hone your growing skill and expertise in diving...

Discover Scuba Diving
Scuba Review
PADI Open Water Courses
PADI Advanced Open Water Courses
PADE Rescue Courses
PADI Dive Master Courses

Yes, try any of them, it would be fun!

Great Accommodation Facilities

Now, if you really want to stay and available the facilities and enjoy the activities of this resort, you might need to get a room for some days or so. The following are short descriptions of rooms available. Details can be available at their site or if contacted directly.

Honeymoon Suite
This special room has 1 King size bed with a nice see-through mosquito net making it look more romantic and elegant.

For its amenities, the honeymoon suite includes: private bathroom with jacuzzi and hot shower; it has a living room with satellite TV; a large roof terrace with a fantastic sea view of Moalboal.

The size of the room itself is about 120 square meters. It is supposed to accommodate 2 guests but can squeeze in one more guest who will be sleeping on an extra bed.

Family Room
If you want to get family at Blue Orchid Resort, you can get a family room with 2 single bed and 1 king size bed with a nice mosquito net.

For its amenities, a Family Room has a private bathroom with hot shower, and a terrace with view of the sea. The room is about 45 square meters that can accommodate a maximum of 5 occupants. Only one extra bed can be provided

Double Deluxe
This nice room is equipped with a king size bed with mosquito net. The amenities included in this accommodation are: private bathroom with hot water shower, a large glass patio with doors facing right towards the blue ocean.

The size of Double Deluxe is 25 square meters, and with a terrace with nice view of the sea. Two occupants can occupy but a maximum of 3 is allowed that can be provided with an extra bed. Four of these rooms are available.

Standard Double
This spacious room is also furnished with one king size bed with a mosquito net. Beside the bed is stylish lighting good for reading.

The room's amenities include air-condition facility, private bathroom with hot shower, and a terrace with sea view. Two guests and one more occupant may use the room. There are two of these 25-square-meter rooms available.

Standard Twin
This real neat and spacious room has 2 single beds each with mosquito nets available. The amenities include a private bathroom and hot shower. It also has a nice terrace with a sea view.

For this 25-square-meter room two guests and for a maximum of three guests can be accommodated.

Fan Twin
For this electric fan room, there are 2 single beds and each with mosquito nets respectively. The same as the other rooms, it has private bathroom with hot shower, terrace with a great view of the sea, and can accommodate up to 3 guests.

Finding The Blue Orchid Resort

Yes, getting to this place is not hard to do. That's because Moalboal is very popular and everybody knows this travel and holiday destination. Here are the address and contact details.

Address: White Beach, Moalboal, Cebu, the Philippines
Phone: +63 929 273 1128


The resort prefers the would-be guests to make reservations via email only - the one indicated above. However, you may also book through this website using the Search Box on the right column.

If you need a guide to get there, you can use the following page with descriptions of transports, among other tips, to find the place: Getting to Moalboal. And, in case you are still studying how to get to Cebu, that is if you are coming from outside the country, you may click Getting to Cebu page to get some guides about international flights and other transports going to Cebu Province.

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