'Cozy' Dacozy Beach Resort

Dacozy Beach Resort in Moalboal

Fine Dacozy Beach Resort

This cozy Dacozy Beach Resort is situated at the north end of Moalboal, Cebu in Panagsama Beach.

Panagsama is another popular area among visitors who come to swim and scuba dive its clear waters.

Moalboal is in the west coast of Cebu Province known for its white and long stretch of beaches and clear waters.

From Cebu-Mactan International Airport, one can easily reach Moalboal via land vehicles, including cars, taxis, vans, and buses.

Normally, it only takes about 2 hours and a half (about 90 kms.) to get to any of the white beaches of Moalboal.

Interesting Features

Dacozy resort can be considered as a little paradise that nestles in a 9 thousand square meters establishment.

Sea view from Dacozy Beach Resort's garden

It is cozily located in one of the most popular beaches in Moalboal – Panagsama Beach. One of the special features of Dacozy is the combination of styles of both Filipino and Japanese cultures, which can be obviously observed thru the overall designs of the place, the interiors, and the neat arrangements of decors and all.

You will notice the way the facilities are built, such as the tropical thatched roof, well-groomed garden, traditional cool room style, etc.

It is very much accessible from/to Panagsama Beach but not too close to be noisy or crowded. In other words, Dacozy Beach Resort is great for those who seeks tranquil and relaxing abode but close to beach at the same time.

Fun activities for a holiday

You can have a very peaceful and quiet break at this seaside and cozy abode. However, you may also get active if you wish by involving in any water sports and activities available. Some of such activities can be accomplished and enjoyed right at the resort, but some might need a bit of negotiations and preparation.

Anyhow, it is not hard to do since the resort itself will make the arrangements for you when you are reading to request for your activity in mind.

Swimming & sunbathing

So, some of the things you can readily enjoy is swimming or sunbathing within the resort's perimeter. The green lawn and garden offers best space for relaxation and sunbathing while scanning your favorite reading materials, or any.

Swimming close to the resort is safe since the water is shallow in the area.

Moalboal sunbathingSwimming & sunbathing in Moalboal

Scuba Diving

If you are a scuba diver, you would surely enjoy diving the reefs of Pescador Island, the Sunken Island, among other popular diving spots of Moalboal.

Most of the dive sites are only about 15 minutes by boat from the resort. It means that Dacozy Beach Resort is very much accessible for scuba divers who plan on diving various dive spots during their full stay at the resort.

Island Hopping

Visiting one island to another is popularly called 'island hopping', an exciting acting that is being offered by Dacozy Beach Resort. This hopping activity is great for groups or families who just want to enjoy the sea breeze, riding the sea water, discovering islands and enjoying seafood and the scenery.

Dacozy will offer a chartered boat ride to Pescador Island, White Beach, Badian Island, and other great places in the area. While doing the island hopping, you will have time to enjoy swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing and anything fun in the sun.

Swimming with sea turtlesSwimming with sea turtles

Outdoor Tours/Activities

Aside from water activities, Dacozy coordinates with Planet Action Adventure outdoor activities provider. The activity provider can offer all sorts of active tours to nice places in the province. Even kids can also join the activities depending on their interests and capabilities.

Biking & motorcycling

For guys and girls who loves to move around Moalboal via bicycle, the resort offer them for rent. But if you want to ride a faster one and go further away, you can rent the resort's motorbike. Please, drive safely since for yourself and for other people, especially children along the road!

The resort will always be willing to arrange any request to make your stay more fun and memorable. For such activities, you have to approach the front desk and say your great plan.

And, you can have a very interesting and lively night at the bars, karaokes, and other night life activities if you prefer.

Great facilities & services

Dacozy’s facilities and services include…

Open Restaurant

Dacozy offers an open atmosphere restaurant. You’ll be dining under a spacious thatched roof structure with open sides for you to see the surrounding and nature 180 degrees.

The restaurant is facing the Negros Islands which is located across the Tanon Strait of the province. The space will certainly make you eat well and enjoy your food better.

More importantly, the restaurant serves both Filipino and international dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Sea foods are, of course, one of their special dishes. You have other choices of menu including Japanese and Western style, just to name but a few.

Swimming Pool

If you don’t like salty water, you can just swim or soak in this fresh and cool pool water. It is nicely built with a view of the sea and close to the guest rooms.

The swimming is built for various leisurely functions:
-scuba diving training
-for adult swimming pool
-for kids swimming pool in shallow area

Airport Transfer
Dacozy also offers airport transfer services. Normally, it offers a roundtrip service (PhP6,000) for Cebu-Mactan international airport.

Massage Services

If you are interested to be pampered and get your stressed out muscles, mind and body, you may wish to get massage service. The resort offers 'siatsu' and Swedish oil massage. Friendly masseur provides you the best service you will need to get reinvigorated and stress free again.

Kawasan Falls Tour

Kawasan Falls is another popular spot located in Badian Town.

Dacozy cozy accommodations

The rooms are nicely built around 20 meters from the beach. From your room, you can watch the crimson sunset and quiet afternoon over the Tanon Strait. Online, you can see the promo rates of the rooms offered by Dacozy.

Room Features

Every room has aircon, hot & cold water, mini bar, coffee & tea facilities, water tap, etc.
Each room is ideal for 2 guests, but a child below 12 years is free when staying with adults.
Each room is spacious, has good ventilation, and well-lighted. They are non-smoking rooms.

All rooms of Dacozy offer free breakfast, free WiFi, and other facilities/amenities such as aircon, hot showers, mini-bars, tea & coffee sets, and verandas with sea views.

Room Types

Sea View Double bed room. It has 1 double bed or single that can accommodate two guests.

Sea View Twin bed room. It offers 1 double bed and 1 single bed, or 2 and 2 + 1 guests.

Sea View Triple Bed Room. This room offers 1 double bed and 2 single bed, and 3 or 2+1+1 guests.

The rate ranges from Php3,125 to Php3,500 based on the online offer in this writing. Please, make sure you contact the resort for greater details and updated rate available.

Finding Nemo & Dacozy Beach Resort

Getting to Moalboal is not hard to do once you are already on Cebu Island. All you need to do is take note of the below details, or use the available guides in this site. Or, ask the resort for their other possible suggestions in reaching their place.

Address: North Panagsama Beach, Moalboal, Cebu, 6032 Philippines
Email:      info@dacozymoalboal.com
Website: www.dacozymoalboal.com

Phone: 032-406-5653

In addition, Dacozy can be found at the Northern end part of Panagsama Beach. It is about 90 kilometers southwest of Cebu-Mactan International Airport on Mactan Island.

It takes approximately 2 and a half hours to reach the resort. If you decide to take a bus, you can get a nice bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal in Cebu City.

Thanks a lot for the visit. We hope to see you again from time to time to check out further interesting development of this site.

Have fun and enjoy your holidays!

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