Savedra Beach Bungalows

Savedra Beach Bungalows

Savedra Beach Bungalows & Dive Center, Panagsama Beach Resort, Moalboal, Cebu

Breezy Savedra Beach Bungalows

Savedra Beach Bungalows is a beach resort conveniently located in Moalboal Town, Cebu Province, Philippines.

In particular, it is established in a former laid back fishing village in Panagsama Beach, Moalboal.

Moalboal is a popular destination among beach lovers and underwater life enthusiasts - the scuba divers.
To name two major attractions among many, Moalboal has white sand beaches and amazing dive sites.

Savedra Bungalows could be your place to stay in as your gateway to any fun and fruitful activity you wish to accomplish.

Savedra is ideal for families, business trip activity and even conferences. And of course, you are most welcome if you came alone!

Beach WeddingsBeach wedding celebrations
Savedra Beach Bungalows Frontgate. This resort and scuba diving property is located in Panagsama Beach, Moalboal, Cebu. Moalboal is famous for beach-goers and most of all by divers from everywhere

Fun Surroundings & Environment

Aside from the local's favorite cockfighting, bars, town market, restaurants, among others, you can avail the natural dry land and sea world of Moalboal area. Savedra Beach Bungalows offers you such services with facilities and capacities to provide them if you wish to.

Here are some of them...

Dive sites
As already mentioned, Savedra is nicely settling at the seaside of Panagsama Beach in Moalboal. This beach is the gateway to numerous dive spots in the marine life abundant waters.

Dive Centers
In the town center and along the seaside, you can easily find the dozens of dive centers or shops that cater to the needs of beginners and professional divers alike.

Adventure Sites
In addition to water adventures, you can also avail on land exciting adventures being offered by Savedra. This beach resort establishment can easily arrange a schedule if you request to go to the mountains, rivers, caves, volcano, etc.

Okay… here the some of the interesting and…

Scuba divers preparing for their morning trip from Savedra Beach Bungalow's dive center in Panagsama Beach, Moalboal, CebuScuba divers getting ready for the morning dive!

Exciting Activities & Adventures

The following are just a quick look and short summary of the interesting activities for both underwater and dry land environments.

Diving & more
Scuba diving, free diving, wall diving, snorkeling, boating, kayaking, etc. When you dive or snorkel you can easily see or discover…

… various corals, pyramid butterfly fish, tuna, nudibranches, sea snake, eel, frog fish, barracuda and if lucky, occasional appearances of white-tipped reef shark, whale shark, manta ray, and more.

Kawasan Falls

This falls is one of the favorite places around the area for picnics and relaxing outing activity. You can decide to swim in or get washed by the falling water riding a bamboo raft. It only takes  30 minutes by motorbike to reach it. Or, you can arrange with Savedra this outing activity if you wish to.

White Sand Beach (Basdaku)

If you want a wide and long stretch of white sand, Basdaku is the right place in this area. It's the most popular beaches in town. Visitors came to do all sorts of activities, including swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, boating, kayaking, picnicking, playing volleyball, among other fun and relaxing activity.

Getting to Basdaku from Savedra Beach Bungalows only takes 15 minutes by tricycle and much less by motorbike. Of course, you can request to arrange your visit to this place with your resort provider.

Basdaku is a public beach resort located in Moalboal, Cebu. Basdaku or White Beach is the most popular beach due to its expansive white sand and other private resorts aroundPublic Basdaku Beach Resort, Moalboal, Cebu
Orchids Gallery

Now, if you are interested not only about the sea and underwater you might also enjoy Savedra's offer of a visit to an orchid gallery. Tropical orchids are very colorful, diverse and attractive. It only takes around 10 minutes to get there from Panagsama by tricycle.

Cockfighting Arena

This is one of the interesting features among local entertainments in various parts of the country. Cockfighting is both an entertainment among the common masses as well as a legalized gambling event. It is quite interesting especially for men and could be intriguing also for foreigners to watch.

In Moalboal, the fight starts at 2 pm every Sunday and the area is located in Moalboal Town’s center.

Kawasan Falls in CebuKawasan Fall in Badian, Cebu

Savedra's Facilities & Services

Savedra Bungalows offers the following services and facilities you can readily access…

Savedra Dive Center

Its dive center offers scuba diving facilities/equipment, PADI & SSI, and more dive courses for beginners, learners, professionals and all.

Dive Courses:

  • Discover Scuba Diving
  • Padi Open Water
  • Padi Adventure (advance open water)
  • Padi Enriched Air/Nitrox Course
  • Padi Master Scuba Diver
  • Padi Divemaster Course
  • Padi Assistant Instructor
  • EFR Instructor Course
  • Diving with Kids
  • Dive Centers available close to Savedra:

Savedra Dive Center, Nepture Diving, Ocean Globe Diving Shop, Ocean Safari, PADI, SSI, Project Aware. Savedra makes the reservation if you wish to use other centers for your lessons.

Dive Sites/Spots

Moalboal underwater and island offer one of the most coveted places for divers and holiday-makers. The resort can bring to the most popular dive sites including the following:

Tongo Point, House Reef, Talisay Wall, Kasai Point, Tuble Reef, White Beach, Ronday Bay, Dolphin House, Sunken Island, and Pescador island.

Travel arrangements

You can arrangement with the management your dive trips for a day or longer travels nearby or in other islands close to Cebu Province or another province, such as Negros Province. The nearby provinces shares similar but also interesting features as they belong to the Visayan Region's fantastic groups of islands.

Adventures Renting Facility: van, motorbike, boat, etc.

Savedra's Bungalows by the beach

Savedra Beach Bungalows has 10 rooms available for its guests. You can stay as long as you want and get some discounts with your arrangement. You can avail some choices of rooms depending on your preference...

Standard Rooms
Twin Bed Rooms
Family Rooms

These rooms have both air-conditions and electric fans. The rate varies depending on the season (such as: from June-November - $34; from December-May - $40, etc.).

See updated rates, room photos, facilities, services and more details if you want to reserve or book for your holiday and/or adventure package. Agoda online booking service provider offers great discounts and safe transaction. Try it now!

Finding Savedra Beach Bungalows

Since Moalboal is a popular travel, diving, and beach lovers' destination, it is very accessible and quite easy to locate. If you are already in Cebu City, you can proceed to Cebu South Bus Terminal and take a bus that goes to or stops in Moalboal Town.

However, if you need more guide how to get there, you can get more guides from this link: getting to Moalboal.

Address:     Basdiot, Panagsama Beach, Moalboal, 6032 Cebu, Philippines (zip: 63)
Telephone: +63-32-474-3228

If you are coming from another country and wants to learn more about your way to get to Moalboal, you can also use out prepared guide page for your international flight that will land on Cebu-Mactan International Airport.

Getting to Cebu describes airlines and anything you might need to find your way. If you are on a connecting flight, such as Manila, you can find some guides also in the page. All the best!

More Moalboal beaches & resorts

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Enjoy your holidays!

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