Cabana Beach Club Resort

Moalboal's Cabana Beach Club Resort

Cabana Beach Club Resort is a medium range beach property for holiday-makers and located in Panagsama Beach, Moalboal, Cebu, the Philippines

Cabana Beach Club Resort

Cabana Beach Club Resort nestles beautifully on a 1,000 sqm of seafront white sand beach in Moalboal, Cebu Island.

Moalboal, originally a fine and abundant fishing village, has one of the best white beaches and biodiversity of marine life.

For that reason, beach lovers, vacationers and scuba divers come to enjoy their holidays with nature’s giftedness.

Cabana is one of the resorts among the three sister group of resorts - Cabana, Sole e Mare Beach Resort, & Marina Village Beach Resort, all of which are established in Panagsama Beach.

These sister resorts certainly offer great fun and exciting marine and outdoor activities, in addition to their great accommodation and other facilities and services offers.

Cabana Beach Club Resort's garden view

Special Features of Cabana Diving Club

Cabana, as it is rightly called, is beautifully built oriental hut with Japanese inspired partition walls, polished wooden floors, matched with bamboo furniture, bed, table chairs, etc.
The whole structure is made to have a vista of the sea and the back-draft mountain ranges still visible in such distance.

Cabana is situated not only as an exotic private and tranquil abode but also as the doorway to numerous interesting water activities, dry land adventures, and social interactive places at the center of the town - restaurants, bars, shops, etc.

The place does not only offers a great space and vintage point to Moalboal's nature but also accommodation, facilities and services you might need to fully spend you time to its fullest.

Okay, go ahead and check out some of Cabana Beach Club Resort's activities and outdoor events you will certainly find worth doing...

Cabana Beach Club Resort offers various sea activities ranging from snorkeling to adventurous scuba diving or island hopping in Moalboal areas and surrounding places in Cebu

Fun Activities & Adventures

The following information are just but a summary of what Cabana Beach Club Resort is offering to its guests and interested would-be visitors.

Scuba Diving
Scuba is one of the most popular water activities that should be rightly experienced or done in this place.

Cabana partnered with one of the best dive experts - Savedra Dive Center. The center is one of the first dive centers established in the area. It has a great place that caters to customer’s professional diving lesson needs.

Pescador Island
This island is one of the top ten best dive spots in the area. Pescador has a rocky cliff but has a shallow reef of 3-10 meters wide. Then, drop-offs go to more than 40 meters deep. The caverns and overhangs or the island is great for underwater exploration.

Diving by the shores
The house reef close to the resort drops from about 3 meters to 40 meters down. Even in that shallow reef you’ll find schools of sardines, mackerels and tunas and occasional thresher sharks that hunt them.

Sunken Island
It is a place reserved only for much experienced scuba divers who have skills in facing strong water current and challenging depths. To mention but a few, you’ll encounter various creatures including frogfish, Spanish dancers, school of jacks, tuna, barracuda, and sometimes shark and manta rays.

More dive spots:
Airplane wreck, Tuble, Tongo Point, White Beach, Badian Island, Ronda Bay Marine Park, etc.
These sites are the homes to myriad of corals, anemones, sponges, tropical colored fishes, sea turtles, sea snakes, among many.

Cabana Resort also organizes day trips to the nearby popular destinations and adventure areas, including: orchid farm, water falls, caves, rivers, canyons, etc.

Great restaurant by the beach at Cabana Beach Club Resort in Panagsama Beach, Moalboal, Cebu

Great Facilities & Services

Cabana Resort has great facilities and services to satisfy your holiday needs. Just like most great resorts, it has…

Swimming pool

This pool is close to the sea to give guests a nice view of the ocean's sparkling turquoise waters and the endless horizon. You can see the coastline and other movements and activities in the ocean, such as outriggers crisscrossing the waters with passengers' faces filled with excitement and joy.

By the swimming pool, you can avail tables and chairs set up if you want to enjoy some refreshments or enjoy eating something before or after dipping in or swimming. Certainly, you can have tanning space by the poolside or closer to the sea where the pool is overlooking towards.

Marina Restaurant

This restaurant is located close to the swimming pool. Marina Restaurant has an open and free space and serves various dishes, such as Italian, Filipino, and more European and international dishes.

You will surely enjoy sea food menus if you don't have any problem of consuming any delicious sea food products. Freshly caught sea food by local fisherfolks are the usual sumptuous food you should not miss when in this area.

Round-trip Transfers

Transportation is also offered for vice versa basis. Here are the details: Car (1-2 persons - PhP6,000); Van (3-8 persons ? PhP8,000). Please, arrange with the management directly for this service to be sure of any update and possibilities of any changes.

Cabana Beach Club Resort has a freshwater swimming pool for pool-lovers. The resort is seated right by Panagsama Beach Resort in Moalboal, Cebu

Cabana Accommodation & Rooms

Cabana Beach Club Resort offers comfortable rooms for you to choose from. The rate depends on the location of the room, size, facilities, and number of guests.

The prices are per room a night and not per guest. Included per room is free breakfast for 2 guests. You are also free to use he swimming if you are using their accommodation. Here they are…

  • Suite Sea-view Room (1 double+1 single bed = Php3,800)
  • Standard Deluxe Room (Php2,600)
  • Honeymoon Sea-View Room (Php3,200)
  • Deluxe Sea-View Room (Php3,200)
  • Family Room: 4 Single Beds (Php3,000)
    Extra Bed: PhP500

Please, check out any changes of the rates above from their website or contact them directly for any updates available.

Now, if you have decided to look deeper into the details of this place, you may use the search box below...

Cabana Beach Club Resort. Rooms at various rates and choices for a comfortable vacation in Moalboal, Cebu

Finding Cabana Beach Club Resort

The below information will tell you how to find and how to contact this interesting club resort in Moalboal Town.

Location:   Cabana Beach Club Resort, Panagsama Beach, Moalboal, 6032 Cebu, Philippines
Manager:   Fatima M. Colita
Tel. No.:     +63 (0) 32 474 3024
Mobile No.: +63 (0) 917 621 4425
E-mail Address:

If you need some information on how to reach Moalboal, you can use another page of this website that will provide you better guide including transports available with some guide descriptions of rates and time travel: Getting to Moalboal.

In case you haven't been to Cebu yet in your life, you will find this page Getting to Cebu very useful as it describes international flights coming and going to/from Mactan-Cebu International Airport, as well as shipping lines from various points in the country doing business in Cebu.

Thank you for visiting this page. You may continue searching for more beaches and resorts in this fantastic island. Hope you'll see us again or more often to discover much more available sites, beaches and resorts offering various facilities and services for a memorable holiday experience.

Wherever you may go, please enjoy your holidays & have safe travels!

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