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Solee Mare Beach Resort

Solee Mare Beach Resort nestles at the center of Panagsama Beach in Moalboal, Cebu.

It is by the sea and close to the coral house reef, and one of the gateways for scuba diving or snorkeling.

Moalboal is one of the best sites in Cebu for diving activities due to its abundant and colorful marine biodiversity, steep walls, various coral species, etc.

Among the sea creatures, you’ll easily encounter dragon fish, ghost pipe fish, sea horses, sea turtles, and other fishes and critters.

As a resort, Solee Mare Beach Resort also provides comfortable rooms and other facilities and services in this tropical place.

Now, here are some of Sole e Mare beach resort, Moalboal's…

Kawasan WaterfallsKawasan Waterfalls, Cebu

Fund Activities & Adventures

Being a resort located in the middle of Moalboal, you can have loads of fun, interesting and challenging activities during your stay and vacation. Some of the most popular items include the following...

Scuba Diving
Sole e Mare partners with Savedra Dive Center – a registered PADI Dive Center and SSI Dive Resort nearby. Normally, there are 3 dives daily offer aside from snorkeling. Savedra offers great safari trips to islands, dives, dinners, among other exciting events.

Just like most dive centres/shops in the area (and Cebu’s dive centers), Savedra offers dive beginner’s course up to expert courses. Actual experiences to special dive sites complements with theoretical knowledge you need learn about diving.

Adventure Trips
Aside from water activities, Sole e Mare also arranges on land and amphibious sort of adventures if you prefer. Most tour and dive shops offer such amazing trips to various places in the province.

Some of these activities include: mountain biking, canyoning, horseback riding, jungle trekking, river climbing, waterfalls rappelling, etc. These are only suggested to individuals  or groups who can physically (and emotionally) take on challenging places and situations.

Day Trips & Sightseeing
There is an Orchid Gallery nearby for those who love flowers. In addition, you visit a waterfalls or a white beach for a day’s picnic (barbecue picnic and such day trip can be organized by Sole e Mare’s partner business provider).

Evening & Night Life
Where Sole e Mare is, you have plenty of available places close to the resort to enjoy your evening at some international restaurants, internet cafes, traditional native open-air bars, local taverns, eateries, barbecue stalls, etc.

You can certainly find more interesting events, and the best way to find out is ask your resort management desk for more information about anything fun.

Facilities & Services at Solee Mare

Relaxing during your short break, long vacation or adventure visit needs basic and fundamental facilities to make them perfect. Solee Mare Beach Resort offers not only accommodation but also food and drinks, among other facilities and services.

Marina Restaurant is an Italian restaurant that serves Filipino traditional dishes as well as international cuisines for affordable rates. It is built close to the pool by the seashore and opposite to the resort itself.

The pool is located very close to the sea just right beside the rustic Marina Restaurant that serves local and international yummy dishes and sea foods. You can use the pool freely as it is included when you book your accommodation.

The resort's Front Desk would be glad to take any request for any facility and service they can offer you.

Solee Accommodations / Rooms

Solee Mare Beach resort AccommodationSolee Mare Beach Resort's accommodation

All rooms at Sole e are comfy and equipped with air-con, electric fan, hot water, mini bar, WiFi, etc.

  • 12 Aircon Deluxe Rooms (Php1,850.00): each room are equipped with 2 beds, airconditioned, electric fans, hot water; mini-bars, coffee-maker facilities, etc.
  • 4 Family Aircon Rooms (Php2,300.00): it offers 3 beds and a space for additional beds and mattresses; airconditioned, electric fans, hot water showers, mini-bars, coffee-maker facilities, etc.
  • Extra bed 500.00
    Additional Breakfast 250.00

You may contact or inquire them directly for the room rates using the contact details found below, in case there are changes due to seasons and upgrades.

Finding Solee Mare Beach Resort

Once you are in Cebu Province, you can easily find Solee Mare since it is located in a popular town where beach lovers and pilgrim divers love to enjoy the sea.

Address:         Moalboal, Panagsama Beach, Moalboal, 6032 Cebu, Philippines
Telephone reservation: +63 (0)32 474 3132
Fax Number: +63 (0)32 474 3132

Getting to Moalboal is easy and you will find that link quite helpful when taking transports that can comfortably bring your there. At Moalboal's bus stop, take the local tricycle to the resort if you did not arrange a pick up service.

If you haven't been to Cebu Island yet in your life, you will certainly find Getting to Cebu link page quite helpful. The page describes international flights and other land and sea transports that will bring you to Cebu.

Have fun!

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