Playa Estrella of Bantayan Island

Glittering Playa Estrella

The beach at Playa Estrella

Playa Estrella the 'star' resort

The name Playa Estrella is a very interesting one if you translated it into its original language. We can simply translate it as follow: playa = beach and estrella = star for both in Spanish language.

Yes, that is truly interesting. So, as the name implies, Playa Estrella beach resort actually incarnates its meaning for being such a resort.

It is situated on Bantayan Island, one of the best beach jewels in Cebu Province or region. If you don’t know yet, the island has fine white sand beaches that offers great spaces for various relaxing activities to all visitors and locals as well.

Playa Estrella is best for travelers or pilgrims seeking for budget rates. Although it offers cheaper rates, it can provide the basic but great facilities and services you can find on the island. 

Accommodation & Facilities

The simple but neat and clean accommodation does not need great lengths of explanations or descriptions. Here they are...

Air-con Rooms
These rooms have their own private bathroom and shower rooms. Accommodation for 2 is available for Php1600 (in this writing). Please inquire for any update in rates to avoid misunderstanding.

Fan Rooms
There are Fan Rooms available for 2 and 4 guests for various rates (2pax/Php600 and 4pax/1200).

Cottages for A Day
Guests who enjoy the place and beach for a day only, may rent a cottage for only Php150 (in this writing, 2014). It is great for day visitors for picnic and small group activity.

Camping Allowed
Tent for rent is available and camping is allowed. Per person costs Php300 but only Php500 for two guest campers. Camping with tents are quite common practice among backpackers to save for their travels and enjoy better.

Playa Estrella Beach Resort on Bantayan IslandRooms at Playa Estrella by the beach

Fun Activities on Bantayan Island

There are loads of fun and interesting activities you can do on the island. The following are just some of the popular ones.

  • Hiking & Visiting Sites 
  • Swimming and Snorkeling
  • Boating, Boat Tours, Island Tours
  • Kite Surfing, Kayaking, etc.
  • Motorized Water Sports
  • Scuba Diving/Free Diving

Some of these activities can be provided or arranged through this resort, but the resort itself does not have most of them. Of course, Estrella will be happy to help you arrange and get your desired activity or adventure when requested so.

Facilities & Services Not Available (yet!)

You can save much for your activities, travels, food, drinks and other greater things if you don’t spend your money on fancy facilities and services. That’s exactly what you can get at Playa Estrella!

So, here are the things you can’t available at this accommodation.

No Swimming Pool
If you really want to swim in a pool while on this island, you can pay an entrance fee to any resort with swimming pools. Certainly, they will welcome you with open arms and avail more facilities – more expenses! They have the great beach!

No In-House Restaurant
Yes, it has no restaurant that exactly because you have lots of choices of nice restaurants with various rates and dishes available close by. So, there is not fix rate that you are obliged to pay for your meals here.

No WiFi
Hmm… why need a WiFi if you came to have peace and get away from the noise of the techie world. Maybe you can give yourself time for a break from chats, etc. that give you stress and migraines!

That’s right (if you agree with me!). Try just a few days without logging in facebook or any other social networking. You will find out that your head gets clearer and see things better and with new perspectives, whew! Just saying!

No Free Breakfast
You can prepare your own sandwich or go to one of the restaurants nearby for various choices of menu you can find. You can either ride a tricycle or walk to the town which is not far from Play Estrella.

Finding Playa Estrella

You may use the following contact details about the resort and ask anything you need to. Let us know if any of the information has any issue or not working, we would be very grateful.

Address:     Barangay Pooc, Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines
Phone:       032-2545829/ 0917-7200015/ 09335125268

Getting to Bantayan Island

It is quite easy to get to the island anyway, but it takes some time to complete your travel - around 4 hours!

If you need some guidance, you can open another page of this free website to find transports, schedules, expected fares and other tips you might need. Just click Getting to Bantayan Island to read whatever you find helpful for your travel.

If you need to book or reserve a resort or hotel, just search the following Agoda Smarter Online Booking link to find your room. Agoda offers easy, quick and safest booking system you can get to date.

Thanks a lot for visiting this page. Have a great and adventurous days of your travels.

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