Queen Elizabeth Beach Resort

Queen Elizabeth Beach Resort

Bantayan Island White BeachA white beach on Bantayan Island

Queen Elizabeth Beach Resort

Located close to the famous Sugar Beach, Queen Elizabeth Beach Resort offers budget beach cottages on Bantayan Island.

Bantayan Island (for those who does not know the island yet) is one of the most popular destinations among beach lovers and sea fanatics! That’s right, Bantayan offers great white and expansive beaches and fecund bio-diverse marine life attracting divers from all over the globe.

And, Queen Elizabeth happens to be on this beautiful and blissful island. The resort offers quite simple and basic cottage rooms with facilities. Budget travelers and locals are prone to availing the offers than foreign guests.

Being on the island is a great opportunity to enjoy beach life as well as the bucolic life and laid back life style of the locals. No rush, no pressure and no stress… life moves slowly but great for the islanders.

Okay, the following subsections will describe the Queen’s facilities, services, activities and other things you can do and enjoy with while on Bantayan Island for your holiday or short break from daily life.

Facilities at Queen Elizabeth's

Here are the major facilities you can avail with affordable rates at this resort by the white beaches of Bantayan…

Beach Cottages
Cottages can be rented for a day if you have a group, family or friends. This is where you can leave your day’s supplies and packs. Most visitors use cottage as somewhat like a small house where you do almost everything – resting, napping, eating, etc.

Beach Loungers
Probably these are only available for staying guests. Anything is possible if you really need one for your sunbathing or tanning activity.

Camping Tents
These are available for rent for those who want to stay overnight or longer. A reasonable and budget fee is required to get one.

Camping Ground and Space
The resort has a spacious ground ideal for various activities or events, including games, social events, celebrations, among others. Would be great if you inform the management ahead if you are planning to do something grand.

No WiFi Access and no No Free Breakfast offers. You can skip the internet and fully enjoy the beach, which is a rare opportunity among people living busy and hectic lives in the cities.

Restaurants close to the Queens are available offering various local and international dishes. Make sure you can get the fresh catch from the local fisher folks by ordering sea food (if you don’t have any allergy!) or buy directly from them and broil or barbecue them yourselves, yummy!

Of course, pizzas, pastas, burgers, and such fast foods are very available as well. But, why eat them when you can get the real fresh local sea food, which are reasonably cheap, clean and fresh.

Cool Cottages

Cottages For Rent
Queen Elizabeth offers cottage rooms for rent at budget and affordable price for overnight or long-staying guests. The resort has both an aircon room and a non-aircon room available.

Fan Cottage Room
This room can accommodate ideally 2 guests, but an extra guest can be squeezed in if negotiated but for an additional but cheaper charge (that’s Php700 for 3 guests). In this writing the resort offers Php600/day for this fan room.

Air-Con Cottage Room
Aircon cottage room can accommodate up to 5 guests for Php1,500 a day. All these rooms, including the Fan Rooms, are located close to the beach.

Each room has cold water showers only and CRs (WC).

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Now, if you want to get to this place, let us provide you the simple guide as below.

Finding Queen Elizabeth on Bantayan Island

Here are some of the available contact details…

Address: Queen Elizabeth Beach Resort, Sugar Beach, Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines
Mobile:   09204156441

When you are on the island just ask around and you’ll be pointed to the direction you should follow. Tricycle drivers will flock you and offer lots of things but be a friendly negotiator.

Getting to Bantayan Island
is not hard to do. You can click our guide page that describes transports especially from Cebu City and Mactan Island. You will also find in the page some tips, such as schedules, fares, among other helpful information. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading this page and hopefully it has helped you in some way or another in your search for your holiday destination.

Have fun on Bantayan Island!

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