Sunset Vista Resort of Camotes


As you might have guessed rightly, this place is gorgeous for its setting sun on the Camotes Islands’ horizon.

In this area, you can find other beach resorts because of its nice white sand beach and pure turquoise water.

Sunset Vista is located in Looc, Esperanza, North of Camotes Islands where most visitors enjoy their leisurely time.

It is a small, pension style resort in an idyllic village of Looc, Esperanza.

Sunset Vista is rightly called since it is actually facing West where you can watch the sun setting behind the vast ocean reflecting above dancing the waters while it fades slowly into the crimson horizon of Camotes ocean.

The sea water of this resort is great for swimming, although it doesn’t have a sandy dry beach.

However, you can always walk to the nearby beaches since this whole area is a resort anyway.

The cottages have both electric fan and air-conditioning machines.
Sunset has a landscaped surrounding and gardens with tropical plants and flowers.

There’s a restaurant available in this resort that serves local cuisine and some international dishes.

You can enjoy your meal while watching the sunset and hear the waves laughing nearby.

The restaurant is finely built in a traditional Filipino style using rattan and bamboo.

This establishment is great for relaxing or chillaxing…

You can read your favorite book or novel…

You can sit still or lounge at watch the blue ocean and feel the refreshing breeze blowing in…

Address: Looc, Esperanza, San Francisco, Camotes Islands, Cebu Philippines
Phone: +63 916 3000 8827

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