Refreshing Bano Beach Resort

Bano Beach Resort, Camotes Islands

bano-beach-resortA beautiful view of Bano Beach Resort on Camotes Island (Photo Courtesy of Bano Resort)

Fantastic Bano Beach Resort (BBR)

Camotes Islands is proud not only for being an island but also for its fantastic environment suitable for relaxation and break from busy and stressful lifestyles of urban settings.

What Camotes can offer is a place where you can find peace and tranquil atmosphere.

The view of cool blue water and the refreshing breeze are more than enough to soothe your tired body and spirit.

One of the resorts being offered by this island can provide you shelter and facilities you might need while on the island.

Bano Beach Resort offers simple facilities that can help you enjoy and relax. Bano offers basic amenities that you need without many complications but only with simplicity.

It has a swimming pool (infinity pool) that you can swim on if you don’t prefer seawater, which can be reached on foot…

It has a cabana…

In order to be more natural, Bano resort maintains its garden in harmony with the natural beauty of the island to preserve and maintain what it already has.

Now, let’s check out in a little bit more some details of this resort’s…

bano-beach-resort-swimming-poolA swimming pool at Bano Beach Resort (Photo Courtesy of Bano Beach Resort)

Tropical Facilities & Amenities

At this spacious and homely resort, you can avail various facilities and everything you might possibly need while relaxing and forgetting the troubles in life for a moment or so.

Bano Beach Resort has a pool-side lounge. Yes, this is what you are looking for when you need a place and space to relax and chill out while at the same time sipping and munching your favorite food and drinks.

Infinity Pool, that extends to the sea when viewed from end to end, is where you wanna be to cool off your whole self and forget your worries for a while.

Restaurant. Yes, this is one of the most important places to make your vacation more enjoyable.

Fresh fish and other sea foods are there the entire time ready to be harvested for consumption. Yes, fresh food from the clean sea water of Camotes is available for all its visitors and travelers.

Of course, you can also try other fresh farm products – pork and chicken meat; and you can also have fresh veggies if you are a vegetarian.

After relaxation, swimming, eating or drinking, you may need to rest or sleep undisturbed on this island.

Let’s check out Bano beaches simple but comfortable…

Cool Accommodation / Rooms

For your stay at this resort, you have two choices of room types. Here are the two:

Types of Rooms

Standard Rooms – 2 persons
Superior rooms – 2 persons + extra bed

Updates rates, photos, services, facilities, etc. link for your information or if you want to learn more about the resort.

Room Amenities

These two types of rooms are furnished with facilities and amenities. Basically, the rooms have the following: coffee/tea-making facilities, TV, desk and table, chair, adapters, towels, individual washrooms, view of the sea or pool, among others.

Surely, that’s more than enough to help you enjoy your stay. And, of course, you came for the island and its beauty and not for luxurious amenities of your room, right?

And, here is the real deal of Camotes Islands. You need to go out and move a little bit to see the island. For that, the resort offers…

Fun Island Tours

Danao Lake in Camotes IslandsDanao Lake, Camotes Islands

Camotes Islands is one of the most popular islands of Cebu Province. It does not only offer nice and pristine beaches but also various natural sites. There are caves, a lake, coves, rivers, trees and sea views.

Bukilat Cave

It is located in Tudela, Camotes Island. It is not just a cave with the usual small opening and narrow space inside.

It is a cave with a huge space inside. Not just spacious, but it has its famous cool pool water where you can dip yourself and even swim. The water is crystal clear and very pure.

What makes it more attractive is the opening or an aperture where the sun’s light gets through illuminating the inside and making the clear water sparkle like crystals. It’s not far from BBR (Bano Beach resort)… only about an hour by its private van.

Timubo Cave Resort

It is a small cave in the middle of a cornfield, so it is not quite visible. One interesting thing you can do here is dip in and soak yourself in the cool pool down below. It's great to do swimming inside it especially after your tour and sweaty travel around (which I did and enjoyed very much).

Lake Danao, San Francisco

It is also known as the ‘lovers’ lake’ among locals. It is a 700-hectare fresh water lake, the biggest natural fresh water lake in the province of Cebu.
It is popular among students to have a direct encounter and explore nature outside the four walls of their schools

It is abundant of fresh water fish (tilapia, etc.) that you can fish by taking a boat for rent available around. You can grill your catch too! Yes, the lakeside is available for picnics and other sort of gathering and relaxing activities by families, friends or companies.

Lake Danao is also known for its purple herons, wild ducks, and other water birds that rely on the lake’s fecund resources of fresh water and food for survival. In fact, Lake Danao has been designated by the government as bird sanctuary. Many of the Lake’s flora and fauna are endemic in this province.

Families with their children, couples, friends, and various groups of visitors enjoy the lake’s Green Lake Park or Lake Danao Park.

Buho Rock was a private resort and is presently under the management of Camotes Island's local government.Buho Rock Resort on Camotes Islands

Buho Rock, Poro

What is so special with this rock, you may ask! Nothing magical. It is just an elevated and elongated coral rock at the edge on the island… one of the best places to see the wide ocean and enjoy the sense of freedom and peace that everyone so desire…

This resting and picnic place is a local government-run destination. It is provided with cottages where visitors can enjoy their refreshments and food for a day’s picnic. Some high adrenaline packed visitors would jump or dive into the water during high tide, wow!

It is just less than an hour from BBR.

Poro Church, Poro

For you to be interested to visit this old church structure you should be either a religious person or one interested in history or historical relics.

The Church of Poro is the oldest church in Camotes Islands. It is especially dedicated to the Child Jesus or Santo Nino.

The town itself was founded in 1701 and the church became a parish in 1849. It is one of the churches established by Spanish missionaries that introduced Christianity in Cebu islands in the 18th century.

Finding Bano Beach Resort

Reaching Bano Beach Resort is quite easy once you are already on the island since every locals know it. However, if you need some guides on getting there, I can provide you another page below. So, here's the address and contact details of BBR.

Address: Mangodlong, Himensulan, San Francisco, Camotes Island, Cebu, Philippines 6050.
Mobile:   +63 939 834 8125; +63 999 468 2981
Website: (under construction)

Room rates, photos, services and more details can be seen directly through that link.

To get to Camotes Islands, just click Getting to Camotes Islands link page for more details. Transports, schedules and some tips are described in that page, so check it out!

However, if you are coming to Cebu from another province or from outside the country, you will find Getting to Cebu page helpful. The page provides international flights from other hub airports, and shipping companies that operate in Cebu City and in various parts of the country.


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