Flying Fish Resort, Camotes Islands

Camotes Flying Fish Resort

Flying Fish Resort

Flying Fish Resort  is one of the best places to snorkel or scuba dive on Camotes Islands.

It has a fabulous reef just 50 meters away from the resort itself.

Visitors come to snorkel or scuba dive to encounter and observe the amazing sea creatures of various types and colours.

Aside from the diving site in front of the resort, you can take the 25-minute boat ride to a nearby reef wall of Tulang Island.

The reef of Tulang Island has great and marine diversity being a home to all sorts of tropical colorful corals that supports various sizes, colors, and shapes of fishes and other critters underwater.

Fun Sea Water Activities

Flying Fish management offers a great package deal that is worth taking.

Nice view of Camotes Flying Fish Resort

It offers island hopping activity and scuba diving trips to any interested guests. The package deal is for 5 days and 4 nights, wow!

So, here are the inclusions of this package deal:

  • Accommodation
  • All meals - yes, 3 great meals a day
  • All transports - for pick up and drop off
  • Boat trips for coming to Camotes Islands and going back to Cebu, including transfers
  • All activities - includes island hopping, snorkeling with gears, exploration on Camotes Island by car, cave pool swimming,
  • and massage service

Another package available is the so-called Fabulous Quatro Islands-Leyte, which includes:

  • An hour and 15-min boat ride to Quatro Islands-Leyte
  • Day trip and overnight tent stay
  • Scuba diving and exploring

Boat Dive
All equipment, weights, boat and a guide will be provided. You can get this offer if there are two or more of you. The price depends on the number of equipment you need.

Shore Dive
You can enjoy the shores nearby and feel safer knowing that you don't go that far and deep. I'm sure this is for beginners who want to see more of the beautiful underwater life.

Depending on your need of equipment the rate varies. Anyway, the resort can provide you (all) equipment, tanks, weights, and a guide. Again, there should be at least two persons in order to avail this service.

Delicious Cuisine & Catering

Flying Fish offers various choices of menu for their special visitors. Depending on your preferences, you can have Chinese, Thai, Western, and local cuisine. And of course, you should not miss munching the freshly caught and cooked (or uncooked) sea food.

If you have special preferences, then you should probably let the management know when booking for your special menu - such as vegetarian or any.

Catering for Special Events

Catering is also one of the services that Flying Fish offers. This is just in case you have a big party coming with you, such as during wedding event and other gatherings you may want to happen on this island and in this specific place.

The environment being by the sea makes any of your celebration feel very romantic, special, memorable and very meaningful. Let them know what you need and they'll set things up for you then.

Bar & Floating Cottage

Yes, you can have various choices of drinks - beer, wine, cocktail, fresh juices, soft drinks, etc.

A Floating Cottage is also available if you want to slumber or listen to the waves. You can just relax reading something or just do nothing but spend your tranquil and rejuvenating time.

Special Massage Service

Aside from the strenuous activities (e.g. diving, swimming, snorkeling, etc.), Flying Fish also offers massage services in an open space while viewing the sea and breathing the sea breeze.

You can enjoy their soothing and tropical style of massage using special techniques and massage oils.

Flying Fish Resort Cottages & Accommodation

You will certainly enjoy the rooms at Flying Fish Resort because they are close to the sea and you'll get a lot of cool sea breeze.

  • Luxury Family Accommodation: has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and can accommodate up to 6 guests; includes free breakfast
  • Sea-front Cottage Accommodation: air-conditioned room, includes free breakfast
  • Non-Sea-front Cottage Air-con: offers free breakfast for 2 guests
  • Cottage Non-Air-con: Php1,000; an extra bed per guest is Php200

Flying Fish resort offers a package deal, which is ideal for anyone who really wants to spend a reasonable amount of enjoyable time on the island and its interesting places.

Finding Flying Fish Resort

It may be a long way to this place from Cebu but worth the time and effort. You may use the address and contact details below to find and inquire about the resort's facilities and services.

Address:   Barangay Cagcagan, Poro, Camotes Island, Cebu, Philippines
Phones:    +63 908-8765427 (Philippines)

If you are wondering how to get to this island, you may use our guide page: getting to Camotes Islands. The page describes transports, directions, schedules, among other tips to help travelers to the island.

And, just in case you need another guide to get to Cebu, please use Getting to Cebu page. This page does only only describes local transports, such as buses, ships, motorbikes, etc. but also international flights. Try the link and find out if it is helpful.

More Camotes Islands Beaches & Resorts

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Have fun.

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