Secluded Palanas Beach Resort


Palanas resort is serene place established by one of the white beaches in Camotes Islands.

It has three nipa huts (roof made of nipa palm) for visitors who plan to stay for a day or more.

A view of Palanas Beach Resort on Camotes Islands. 2013

This kind of huts are popular traditional Filipino homes, which are mainly build using bamboos, rattan, nipa palm leaves (woven), wood sticks, among others.

The advantage of being inside such structure is that it is cool even during the hottest season in this tropical weather.

And, outside your hut you can comfortably use their simple cottages with cogon grass roof. Under this cottage, you can enjoy exploring the wide and open sea while relaxing…

The place is bare of other facilities, which means there’s only…

You and the beach – sand and sea, in this secluded and tranquil part of the world.

Well, aside from (a few) humans, the beach and sea, there are other living things around that you can see and enjoying the beach…
Coconut trees and spacious ground with green grass.

As already mentioned above, this place is purely natural – no artificial facilities or decorations

It means that…

There’s no swimming pool (Yeah, it’s crazy to look for a pool if you came for the beach!)

There’s no Wifi. (Hmm… this is for your total quiet and private time.)

There’s no hot shower. That’s because you don’t need it.
BUT, there are rooms with air-conditioning facilities. As of this writing, 7 of these rooms are available.

Palanas Resort is under the management of Bano Beach Resort.

If you stay at this place, you can request to organize your meal service and pick up from the port, or anything at all that you might need while on this secluded place.

Palanas beach is just about 5-10 minutes from Mangodlong where Bano resort is located.

If you plan to visit and enjoy the place, just use the following information for further details. (This site is not affiliated with any of the resorts described in this website).

Here it is…


Mobile Phones: 0939 834 8125/0999 468 2981/ 0999 468 2983

Cottages available at Palanas Beach Resort aside from small huts for day use. Taken in August 2013

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Thank you so much for the visit.
You may continue scanning this site. Or, if you found already your dream place to visit, then ENJOY!

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