Mangodlong Rock
Beach Resort

mangodlong-rock-beach-resortBeach area and restaurant views of Mangodlong Rock Resort

Scenic Mangodlong Rock beach Resort

Mangodlong Rock Beach Resort is finely established in San Francisco, one of the best places to find a white beach with pure turquoise waters on this island.

In a fishing village of this town, called Mangodlong, lies this beautiful beach and resort facility.

This resort covers a total of 2 hectares with extensive coconut-shaded gardens, white sand beach area, and seashore.

Mangodlong Rock Resort is situated on a private cove. I'm sure you know that bays are the best places to find great beaches since they have safe and calm waters.

As you can see in the photos, the cove of Mangodlong Rock Beach Resort is wide and spacious enough for lovers of the sea and tranquil environment.

The natural environment and the facilities of this resort can surely make your holidays a memorable one...

mangodlong-rock-beach-resortSerene sunset sight at Mangodlong Rock Resort

Great Activities & Facilities

What is unique with this resort are the rock formations that prominently float above the seawater close to the beach itself.

On top of these rocks are the cool tropical open huts from where you can observe the vast blue ocean.

The structures and scenery are right across the beachfront. The islets and rock formations are linked by a sand bar to the beach.

Although the resort seems quiet and secluded, it is full of dynamic fun and exciting beach or water activities.

One can snorkel, kayak, wind sail, boat…

Having a dive center, Mangodlong provides facilities for those diving enthusiasts and seawater active visitors and adventurers.

Divers would surely enjoy all sorts of sea creatures and the marine biodiversity under the fecund waters of this island.

There is an irregularly-shaped swimming pool – for dipping or cooling off only.

This resort offers various comfortable and affordable rooms for your memorable stay on the island. Please, take note that room rates could change without prior notice and depending on the season.

For more important details, please make sure you contact the resort directly.

Finding Mangodlong Rock Beach Resort

Mangodlong Rock resort is just a few kilometers from Port Consuelo. As you arrive the port, various local transports are available and waiting for your coming.

Habal-habal (a motorbike) is the omnipresent transport you can easily get in this area. And most resorts and renting places offers this vehicle for you to take a grand tour on the island. Just prepare to show your ID and there you can go anywhere you wish to explore.

Surely, cars and vans can also bring you to this great place. In fact, some visitors to the island take with them their own vehicles to comfortably bring their whole family members or friends for a grand tour around the island.


Address: Mangodlong, San Francisco, Poro, Camotes Islands, Cebu, Philippines
Phone:    +6332 420-3385
Fax:         +6332 345-8599

mangodlong-rock-beach-resortCogon grass hut with perfect views of the blue sea

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