Unique Buho Rock Resort
"The ship-like rock docking"

Buho Rock Resort on Poro, Camotes Islands, Cebu, Philippines. It is a very unique rock formation shaped like a docking ship by the walls of the island.Buho Rock is an abandoned resort facility but it's now being maintained by local officials.

Buho Rock Resort on Camotes Islands

Buho Rock Resort is located in Poro, Camotes Islands, Cebu Philippines. Visitors of Camotes usually never missed this popular coral rock formation.

It is an important landmark of Poro due to its unique ship shape.

Buho rock is an abandoned resort but recently it is under the local government’s care.

The ship-like rock docking

Buho Rock is a coral rock shaped like a small ship docked at a port in one of the cliffs of the Western Poblacion.

It is situated in one of the few public beach resorts on the island.

It is a great place to be as a viewing deck to explore the turquoise waters of Camotes’ ocean with your naked eyes.

For you to really enjoy your stay on this particular site cottages have been built with native-style roofs and open sides, and sits and tables are available, of course.

Buho Rock Resort in Poro is not friendly to individuals with some physical disabilities or ailments since it needs you to climb down and up steep and long steps.Photo shot from the Rock towards the mainland connected with coral bridge


For you to exercise a little bit, you need to walk a steep flight of winding stairs to reach the ship-like structure.

Some visitors also enjoy not just searching the horizon from Buho’s viewing deck…

They also snorkel, swim, and even dive from that structure then swim back to the nearby shore and climb up the stairs.

Being not a private establishment, Buho Rock allows visitors to bring in their food or snacks to enjoy better the view.


Not everybody who visit this rock stays for a day.
Some of them just drop by to take a look at this popular site and then move on to another place… because there are lots of places to cover in just a few days!

However, those who came for this rock would spend their time enjoying the place – swimming, snorkeling, diving (from the rock), talking, singing and playing the guitar, drinking and eating.

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