Borromeo Beach Resort
"Rest in a secluded beach resort..."

The only Borromeo Beach Resort

Tranquil Borromeo Beach Resort

Bakhaw beach is one of the quietest and tranquil secluded beaches on Camotes Islands.

It has a long stretch of white sand beach that divides the turquoise water from the island lush with vegetation and coconut trees.

Borromeo Beach is located in Bakhaw, Esperanza in Camotes Islands. It is popularly known as the great of escape from the “hustle and bustle of the city”. I have witnessed that nice place with very refreshing environment, breeze, and great clear water.

Secluded beach, fun water & sun

Surrounding this resort is the fantastic flora and fauna that welcome visitors to this island who seek peace and harmony with nature.

Being situated within the secluded beach of Bakhaw, Borromeo resort boats its long private stretch of white sand beach. Borromeo is the only establishment available in this secluded place of the island.

Borromeo resort, in addition to its friendly and homely atmosphere, has a wonderful sunlight that is great for those who want a golden brown tanned skin…

It is also a great place for families, friends, and group vacation, and honeymoon too!
If you want to stay and enjoy this particular place in Camotes, Borromeo beach resort offers its facilities for your comfortable rest on the island.

Borromeo Resort Accommodation

Borromeo Beach Resort offers comfortable and very relaxing atmosphere in this part of the island. It offers individual rooms for rent. Or, you can rent a WHOLE house equipped with a kitchen, dining room, living room, among other necessities.

Aside from those individual rooms…

Borromeo offers the following colored rooms:

K1 Rooms:
Green Room, White Room, Yellow Room, and Blue Room. Each room has its tag price ratings for you to choose from. (Since this site is not affiliated with Borromeo, you can visit its site and see the rates of your choice, as indicated below this page).

K2 Rooms:
This type of room is a ‘resthouse’ room, which can accommodate a maximum of 10 persons. Of course, if you have tag-alongs they have to pay an extra charge.

K3 Rooms:
It is also a ‘resthouse’ type of room that can accommodate up to 15 persons. The more the merrier, I guess! Yes, bring your gang to enjoy or have your group activity, such as company or class-related development activities.

Fun sports facilities & contact information

And, interestingly, this resort also offers…

  • Tents – family size
  • Tents – regular size
  • Beach Bed
  • Volleyball game facilities

Now, if you want to get more details about this place, you can use the following contact items…

Name: Abel P. Borromeo
Emails: |
Contact Numbers: +639994035704 | +639179050454

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Yes, that's all this page can offer you.

If ever you decide to visit Camotes... have an islandful of fun!

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