Vall Hall Resort of Camotes

Asgardian Vall Hall Resort

Vall Hall Resort on Camotes IslandsVall Hall Resort's great view, overlooking the wide open sea

Mythic Vall Hall Resort

Vall Hall Resort is a fantastic beachfront resort on Camotes Islands.
It is about 4 kilometers from the town proper of San Francisco – about 8 minutes by car and a little bit more by habal-habal (motorcycle).

A pump boat (outrigger motorboat) stops over this resort that frequents from Danao City (Cebu Island) to Camotes Islands and vice versa.

Vall Hall is established finely on top of a magnificent and unique rock formation and by a small cliff by the sea. The buildings by the cliff give you a fantastic view of the blue sea water and its expansive and endless horizon.

There is no sandy beach but the water right by the cliff itself is also great place for diving, swimming, snorkeling and such similar fun water activity.

Attribution of Vall Hall Resort to Asgard

The lot where Vall Hall nestles is a rectangular shape with amazing landscape. There are gardens planted with various tropical trees and flowering plants.

The total area is about 10,000 square meters and a frontage of about 50 meter long, which leads your eyes to the delightful and serene sight of Camotes Sea and nearby Poro Island.

If you have watched the movie “Thor”, you would find it interesting how this resort is being named after.

According to Norse mythology (source: Wikipedia) Valhalla (from Old Norse Valholl meaning “hall of the slain”) is a majestic and grand hall in Asgard, the place ruled by the god Ogdin. Ogdin chooses people who heroically died in a battle to travel to Valhalla. They all join with those other many legendary Germanic heroes and kings.

Valhalla, according to the Norse mythology, has a golden tree called Glasir (considered as the most beautiful tree or grove among gods and men) that bears gold leaves in the realm of Asgard. And the ceiling of this hall is covered with golden shields.

Anyway, Vall Hall Resort is trying to project that out-of-this-world image of Asgard. It is not really impossible to project that ‘paradise’ image since the whole island and environment itself can already be considered a paradise itself. In fact, Vall Hall is trying to create structures that would somehow reflect that image of Asgard on this beautiful island itself.

The Resort & Its Facilities

Cool Vall Hall's swimming pool

Vall Hall beach resort provides the following vacation necessities…

  • Two (2) Swimming Pools. These pools, elevated above the sea level, provide you a fantastic view of the ocean. There is also a small slide from the top of the cliff that goes down to the sea.
  • Activity & Business Facilities. Vall Hall offers facilities for active or athletic vacationeers (e.g. basketball court, volleyball court, etc.), and for people who came to work and enjoy at the same time (e.g. VIP meeting room, function area). With the space available at this resort, group activities, such as training, bonding, family gathering, among others, can be done in this place.
  • Cottages. Of course, these are one of the most important facility in places like this. Cottages are available around the establishment for use. It is where you can read, eat snacks, drink drinks, or just do nothing but relax.
  • Restaurant. Yes, this is very important and being made available to all guests. You will dine in an open and spacious area of the resort’s restaurant. You can have some choices of menus, which are basically prepared with sea foods (fish, crabs, prawns, octopus, etc.), meats (pork, chicken, beef), and veggies and desserts. 
  • Rentals: You can rent interesting and fun facilities for adventures and light activities. Single motorcycles are available for rent if you want to see more of the island and its islands, beaches and other interesting spots, sites and other resorts. Some water activity facilities, such as jetski, boat, snorkel gears, etc. can also be rented and arranged through the management.
  • There is a regular supply of water and electricity in this establishment.
  • The local phone services and internet connection are accessible through wireless broadband facility (Globe and Smart Mobile phones).
  • Wifi is certainly available.

You can certainly find out more facilities they can offer if you decide to contact them directly and inquire anything to need to know about them.

Vall Hall (Valhalla) Resort's Accommodation / Rooms

Bamboo Cottage room at Vall Hall Resort

Visiting this part of Camotes Islands should not be a problem since Vall Hall offers various sorts of rooms and accommodation facilities.

The resort has around 20 rooms available for overnight stays and certainly for those who wish to stay and enjoy the place longer.

Interestingly, the rooms available are somehow named after figures who rule kingdoms similar to the heavenly realm of Asgard where Ogdin rules. Anyway, here are the rooms available:

  • King’s Room: It is an air-conditioned room that can accommodate 4 guests, and has 2 queen-size beds for comfortable rest
  • Castle Room: This room has only 1 queen-size bed and 1 single bed that can accommodate around 3 guests and depending on your arrangement with the management. It is an air-conditioned room.
  • Knights Room: It is an air-conditioned room that can accommodate guests depending on your agreement with the management.
  • Bishop’s Room: It is also an air-conditioned room that can accommodate 2 guests and depending on your arrangement with the management.
  • Bahay ni Kuya Room: It is a small traditional bamboo house. Traditional houses like this is environmentally friendly and usually offers no air-conditioning facility, since that bamboo and the whole material of the structure creates cool temperature inside the building itself.

Rates Per Room

The rate starts from Php1,000 to 3,000 which also depends on your number and length of stay. You would certainly get higher discounts if you stay longer.

Each room are properly furnished with basic necessities and decorations to make you feel relax and at home. The rooms have their own respective toilets and bathrooms available.

Importantly, you should remember that rates could change overtime or depending on the season you want to reserve. Below this page, you can avail Agoda's reliable booking service if you wish to and take advantage of discounts.

Great place for diving and swimming at Vall Hall

Finding Ogdin's Vall Hall Resort on Camotes

You may use the following address and contact details to learn more about this resort. Since this resort is still in its stage of further development, some contact details are not yet available except the address and phone number, which I think work well.

Address: Vall Hall Resort, Puertabello, San Francisco, Camotes Islands, Cebu, Philippines.
Phone: (63 32) 516 4269
Check-In Time: 2PM; Check-Out Time: 12Noon
No Free Breakfast


It would take you more than an hour or two via sea travel to reach Camotes Islands. Daily trips from the ports of Danao City (Cebu island) by a motorized boat (locally called pump boat).

From Mandaue City Ouano Wharf, you can take the motorized boat (outrigger motorboat)…
From Cebu City Pier 2, you can take a ferry boat – much more comfortable than the smaller transports because of sea waves. Fastcraft (Golden Express) can reach Camotes Islands in about 2 hours if you take it – available at Pier 1 in Cebu City.

More detailed guide for Camotes Islands

To find out more helpful guide for your travel to Camotes Islands, a page of this website can help. You may click the link Getting to Camotes Islands to find more. The page describes land and sea transports that will bring you to Camotes. Some tips and guides, such as time schedule, fares and directions can also be found. So, click that link!

And, if you need a guide especially if you come from another region or outside Cebu Province and the Philippines, you may use the following page as your basic guide: Getting to Cebu. The page provides land transports, airlines and air transfers, as well as shipping companies doing business and serving in Cebu.

Just search the box above if you need to find anything about Cebu available in this website.

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