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Tulang Diot Island, Camotes

Tulang DiotSmall Tulang Diot Island's white sand beach (Photo: bigsonfoot.com)

Small Tulang Diot Island

Tulang Island is an island located East of Cebu Island and West of Leyte Island.

It is part of Barangay Esperanza of San Francisco Town, Pacijan Island.

Tulang is an islet but the locals divided it into two places: Tulang Diot and Tulang Dako.

Tulang Dako is part of the mainland San Francisco, while Tulang Diot is a much smaller islet of Tulang Dako.

Usually, locals and visitors of Tulang go to Tulang Diot via Tulang Dako (‘dako’ means big and ‘diot’ means small in Cebuano language).

Whew! I know that sounds confusing but hopefully it helps a little bit.

What's so special with Tulang Diot

Tulang Diot has a light house, but that’s not what makes it special.
It is the serenity and rustic atmosphere that make it stand out among other places on the island of Camotes.

If you were looking for a place to be alone and away from the ‘noise’ of the busy world, this bucolic and countryside beach could be the place.

Another unique feature of Tulang Diot is its beach. It has an islet beach that appears during low tide and gets submerged during high tide - a sandbar.

During high tide, it is just enough for adults to swim on the submerged white beach and that’s what makes it interesting to experience – sparkling waters above the submerged white sand under your feet!

Tuling Diot is just right across Tulang Dako, a very tempting sight to cross (and somebody says that you’d be a fool if you won’t cross to see the islet).

What separates the islands (islets) is the five-minute ride on an outrigger boat. During your short ride you’ll observe colorful fishes doing their usual business.

Transports & Facilities Available

As you can already imagine, this little paradise has no fancy restaurant, hotel, club or anything like that.

It means that you have to pack something or make some arrangements with the locals for your meal.

There is a couple of sari-sari (small store) shop that sells a limited number of products of all sorts including biscuits, canned goods, candies, cigarettes, kerosene, soft and hard drinks, etc.

If you ask the owners, they would be kind enough to prepare your rice or any simple request you make (and pay a little amount for using their facility).

Tulang has electricity supply powered by a generator. So, you don’t expect a very bright night since the generator is turned off until 10pm. It would be nice to tell stories under moonlight, if there is during your visit.

Motorcycle is the common vehicle that transports all sorts of things including human passengers in this part of the island, or the whole island anyway.

Tulang Diot Island, Camotes IslandsA nice photo by Orly Cajegas of Tulang Diot Island of Camotes Islands

Finding Tulang Diot Island

Take a motorbike from Port Gikan-an in Esperanza, Poro. Poro is connected with a land bridge to San Francisco.

Then, a motorbike will bring you to Tulang Daku, the nearest point to Tulang Diot. And then a boat can take you to that island in five minutes only.

However, first you need to get to Camotes Islands if you are not from the island or local. If you need some guides, please use the following link that provides you some. Click Getting to Camotes Islands page that describes transports, boats/ship, and other vehicles, schedules and other tips.

More nice Camotes beaches & resorts

Well, that’s all we can say about this little paradise at this stage.
Updates will be posted in the near future for this page.

Thanks and enjoy your sojourn…

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