Keshe Beach Resort of Bakhaw Beach

Keshe Beach Resort, Camotes Islands

Bakhaw Beach on Camotes Islands is one of the most natural white beaches in the islandBakhaw Beach, Camotes Islands

Keshe Beach Resort

Keshe Beach Resort is located in one of the best beaches on Camotes Islands.

Keshe establishment is close or within the popular white and secluded Bakhaw Beach in Camotes Islands. Yes, the place is truly tranquil and only few people were around but you can feel the refreshing cool breeze and sense of freedom in the air.

Keshe resort is one of the small resort facilities on the island. I saw a small boat with a name "Keshe", which I guess belongs to this resort and just sitting nearby the resort.

However, being small it gives you the privacy and quiet time by the beach.

The Beach of Keshe Resort

The cottages are simple, clean and neat. The building itself is made of native materials to let in the cool breeze and match with the nature surrounding the area.

It is situated nearby Bakhaw Beach, a popular but secluded beach in this area in the island.

Bakhaw beach is known for its nice stretch of white sand beach separating the wide turquoise waters from the island lined with coconut trees.

•    Small Cottage – can accommodate 2 to 4 persons
•    Large Cottage – can accommodate 4 to 6 persons

There is no restaurant close by, so you need to arrange with the person in charge of the facility.

Please note that changes to the establishment’s structures and rate can change anytime. So, make sure to contact the resort if you decide to stay in this facility.

Keshe Beach Resort Cottages in Bakhaw Beach on Camotes Islands.Keshe Beach Resort Cottages

Fun & Relaxing Activities

Since Keshe is established right at Bakhaw’s white beach, you can do any beach games you want.

Much better if you can provide your own gears – volleyball, bandminton, Frisbee, etc. You can surely rent a 'salbabida' (a rubber tube that is usually inflated with oxygen) that you can play with in the water. These floats are available close to mini-store right behind the beach cottages.

Or, you can do beach yoga and other forms of exercise to relax in this very relaxing and re-energizing place.

From this resort, you can avail other services from a local provider that offers boat trips, island hopping activity, snorkeling and swimming. Such services may not be offered by the resort itself but could be arranged with other service providers.

A Keshe Resort motorless boat called 'sakayan' in Cebuano language waiting for its guests.A small size paddle boat right infront of Keshe Beach Resort

When we visited this place for the first time, we just told our motorcab operator that we want to see this place. So, finding this resort and the beach is not difficult.

Address: Sitio Bakhaw, Esperanza, San Francisco, Camotes Islands, Cebu Province, the Philippines
Postal Code: 6065
Mobile: 09298925792

In case, you need more guides on getting to Camotes Islands, you can use the following link: Getting to Camotes Islands. The link describes transports from Cebu City, schedules of ships, and other tips.

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Hope this page helps you find what you've been searching for. You may visit this website again to discover more about Cebu Province's vacation facilities and travel sites and destinations.

Have a good time then, and make the most out of this amazing island.

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