Santiago White Beach Public Resort

Camotes Island's most popular White Beach Resort


Santiago beach is a public beach.

This beach, one of the famous beaches in Camotes, has the widest beach on the island.

It’s not just a beach, it’s a white sand beach with a long shoreline that stretches as far as you can walk...

Santiago Bay House & Resort, Masamayor Beach Resort, Payag Beach Resort share this wide white beach that stretches from one foot to the other foot of a mountain range.

Santiago Bay White Beach. Santiago Beach is located in Camotes Islands, Cebu, Philippines. It is one of the great destinations for travelers who loves to enjoy beaches and nature.


This public beach is under the management of Camotes Local Government Unit (LGU).

That’s right! This place is being managed by the local authorities and make sure that everybody keeps the beach clean and safe.


The beach has some facilities that you can make use of during your day or two stay.

The facilities are operated by the local government officials and small private business persons.

Some facilities include…

  • Hut Cottages
  • Bangka for half day use (motorized outrigger)
  • KARAOKES – up to 2am at limited small restaurants
  • Beach Games: balls, floats, kayaks, etc.


Santiago beach is great for kids for swimming and playing since its shore is shallow.During low tide, you can walk on the sand bar as far as you want or play any games you can.

Certainly, Santiago beach is great for adults, especially for friends, family, and bigger groups. You have plenty of space to play in the water without disturbing other visitors.

And if you prefer, you can also rent a room in a resort that has a pool or just visit this resort and pay an entrance charge to use this pool.

Santiago Bay Garden Swimming Pool. It is located in Camotes Islands, Cebu, Philippines.


Tables are set outside on the beach. It means you are literally eating on a beach with no walls surrounding you while enjoying your food. Last year, I had this great opportunity of eating at this small restaurants with my sister and brother-in-law.

These restaurants offer very reasonable price of food and drinks. Among the places where you can enjoy eating local food, include...

Grilled seafoods – Nena’s restautant
Fusion Food – Pito’s Sutukil

A restaurant by Santiago White Beach on Camotes Islands, Cebu


All sorts of active sports, both on land and water, can be performed in this area. This beach is ideal for families and bigger groups of tourists--such as friends, classmates, reunion class, etc.

You can skimboard (a small version of surf board), play beach volleyball, badminton, Frisbee, and anything interesting to play on this beach.

There’s a basketball court close to the beach, which is originally built for the youth in the area.

If you prefer to walk and discover more, you can just freely stroll along the sand and beach or go to the dry land.

Santiago White Beach, Camotes Island


You can you can rent a car from Mactan International Airport to go directly to Danao City Port. Then take a motorized boat.

If you’re on a budget trip, go to SM Mall Terminal at North Reclamation Area (take a jeepney or taxi). From SM, take a V-hire (passenger van) bound for Danao City (about 50 pesos per head), which takes about 40 minutes.

By Barge
You can go to SM Mall Terminal and take a barge bound to Camotes Islands. It has both the air-con and non-air-con rooms (about 200 and 180 pesos respectively).

Arrival & Offers
You’ll dock at Consuelo Port of Camotes. You have choices of renting a ride: Van or Multi-cab. They also offer a day tour package (about 1,500 to 1,700 up in pesos).

Jomalia Shipping Corp Ferry is one of the sea transports you can take for Camotes Islands. You can also take a FastCraft or pumpboat to reach this island.


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Please, have fun and enjoy your travels on the island.
Keep cool & safe then!

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