Harbor View Family Resort

Harbor View Family Resort, Camotes Islands

A seaview from Harbor View Family Resort by Renan Caballero

Harbor View Family Resort

Harbor View Family Resort is one of the most affordable and convenient resorts in San Francisco, Camotes Islands.

It is located around ten minutes from San Francisco Town and about 30 minutes from Santiago Bay Beach, one of the best and largest white beach in town.

Harbor View is perfectly established on top of solid rock, surrounded and enveloped with tropical plants, trees, and some flowers.

Yes, the place is perfect for a romantic travel… of course, for a lone traveler too! It also offers great budget rates for families traveling or having vacation on the island.

This family resort is small, simple but comfortable enough. The structure of the building is made of concrete and native materials, such as nipa leaves (kind of palm), bamboo, wood, metal, and other supporting materials. The materials used are to make the structure look tropical and native-style and cool.

Interesting Things To Do

From this resort, you can enjoy a lot of activities, places, sites, among other things you can enjoy with. Harbor View Resort probably cannot provide everything you need but can collaborate with other service providers to fulfill your requests.

So, for example, on Camotes Islands, you can take a motorbike, motorcab or car to visit places like the Timubo Cave (where you can swim in a pool inside the cave) or see the ship-like rock resort docking by the side on the island called "Buho Rock Resort".

Island Hopping

This is one of the popular activities that many visitors of the island want to experience. You would usually do this as a day event visiting, enjoying, picnicking on the beaches of smaller islands belonging to Camotes or the neighboring province (such as Leyte).


Yes, this is fun especially for kids and beginners learning how to swim and enjoy the beauty of the sea world. Gears for this activity can be provided for rent by the resort and anywhere that provide this service.

Scuba Diving

You can do this when you arrange this with a dive shop. Surely, the resort would be happy to arrange this for you if you make a request. Doing this will make you see the diverse and beautiful marine life in Camotes. Cheaper to do this here too!

Buho Rock Resort & GardenBuho Rock Resort

Facilities Available

In this family-run resort, you can avail their simple but homely facilities being offered. Aside from the natural tranquility and refreshing breeze of the sea, Harbor View Family resort offers the following facilities:

  • Aircon Rooms
  • Non-aircon Rooms
  • Single Bedroom for couples
  • Family Rooms


These thatched roofed cottages are cool especially for a tropical weather. You can avail this facility only when you rent a room. A cottage is an open structure with long sits composing the whole structure  aside from the four pillars and the thatched roof made of cogon grass.

Sunbathing Loungers

Yes, you can avail these long sits for sunbathing, relaxing, reading, or slumbering outside your room. These may not be located right on the shore but close enough to the sea and are located in the gardens.

Videoke (Karaoke)

Since most locals love to sing, the resort offers this singing machine for those who want to enjoy practicing their skills or just listen. Filipinos are very patient and generous even you have a not-so-nice voice!

A Store

This small convenient store sells products for emergency or basic needs only. Usually, you can purchase cigarettes, candies, biscuits, canned goods, alcohol and other basic products. Just to remind you that the price could much higher in any stores such as these where they travel goods from distant cities.

Budget Accommodations

Harbor View Resort offers simple, budget and clean rooms for your stay. They offer rooms that accommodate two or more guests. You have a choice between an air-con and non-airconditioned (with electric fans) rooms.

Family Room
This family room is good for 4 occupants but you may be given permission to squeeze in other members for a bit of additional charges. These all dependes on your arrangement with the management.

In this room you have a private bathroom (or washroom; CR) available. In all rooms you can use the outlets for your electric devices.

Single Bedroom
This is good for couple occupants sharing one big bed. You can ask for an extra bed for an extra charge.

For more details, please inquire from the management.

Finding Harbor View Family Resort

Getting to Harbor View Resort is easy since most locals and transport operators know every resorts and places on the island. However, you may also use the address below. For your inquiry, please use the phone numbers indicated below in this writing.

Address: San Poblacion, San Francisco, Camotes Islands, Cebu, Philippines
Phone: +63 32 267-4067
Mobile: +63 918 237 2283; 379 2067

If you need a guide, you may click this link: Getting to Camotes Islands. The link page describes transports, schedules, and other tips helpful for your travel.

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