Wacaba Haus Bantayan

Wacaba Haus Bantayan Island, Cebu Province

An outrigger boat for island tours

Wacaba Haus Bantayan

Wacaba Haus Bantayan is a nice and smaller hotel located on Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines.

It is established right close to the main street of the island’s main street of Santa Fe Town. It is a town located near the beach and where Wacaba Haus Bantayan is set.

This small hotel is under the management of a Japanese and Filipina couple. It offers homey and cozy rooms with modern furnishing and other amenities.

If you are planning to do business or leisure for long days on the island, you might find this hotel the perfect place since it has facilities to help you save more – a kitchen.

Tropical Facilities

The following basic but necessary facilities can make your stay and holiday on the island more perfect than without them...

This is a good news for those who want to stay longer on the island for some reasons. Some stay for a week or some months for their holiday, business, tour or lessons – such as scuba diving.

If you have an experience of cooking your own food, you know what I am saying. You can save more if you prepare your own dish, even the simple ones – fried egg, fish and rice or bread. Saving means that you can spend less for your stay and use it for your other activities including island tours, diving, etc.

The kitchen is equipped with gas stove, refrigerator and utensils.

WiFi Access
If you came to just fully enjoy and relax and forget the noise and worries, you maybe don’t need to connect to the busy internet world while on a holiday. However, if you need to access once in a while for something important, you are in the right place.

The rooms at Wacaba Haus Bantayan are new and fully equipped with amenities. Each room offers aircon facility, hot and cold showers, electric fans, satellite TV, WiFi access and others.

A great offer is advantageous for those who stay longer than those who sleep over for a night only. Here’s how it is: stay for a week costs PhP5,900; for a month is PhP10,500; and PhP1,500 for a day. You can easily calculate the difference!

Please, always get the updated rates by contacting or searching online the latest ones before making your decisions. Enjoy!

Fun Activities on the Island

There are possibly hundreds of interesting, fun and worth doing things on the island during your stay. However, we can only list below the most popular ones and leave it to you to find your favorite activity.

  • Camping
  • Boating and fishing
  • Island Tours
  • Island Hopping
  • Scuba Diving 
  • Snorkeling
  • Hiking and strolling
  • Motorbiking or bicycling
  • Motorized water sports
  • Kayaking, etc.

That’s right, there is so much you can do but not enough time to spend for them to avail and experience. You can use this hotel or any resort as your base to experience one or more of those activities.

It would be helpful if you do a bit of study and plan which of the activities you really want to do when you come. Your decision could also affect your choice of the resort or hotel on the island.

Now, if you need to get doing something regarding this place, you can proceed by using the following information.

Finding Wacaba Haus Bantayan

Finding the resort is not difficult since it is located right where you get off at the island’s main port or pier, where ferries and small ships dock. Here is the address and contact details…

Address: G. Borraska St. Santa Fe, Bantayan Island
Phone:    032-438-9034, 318-0283, (63 32) 433 7532
Mobile:    0917-628-7041
Email:      bookingph@yahoo.com
Website: (not available yet)

Thanks for visiting this free travel guide website. If you need a guide on how to get to Bantayan Island, you may use our guide page Getting to Bantayan Island. The page describes transports from Cebu, expected fares, schedules and other tips you will find helpful for your travel.

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Have a wonderful day!

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