Enchanting Timubo Cave Resort

Timubo Cave Resort, Camotes Islands

This is the nice and clear Timubo Cave Resort fresh pool inside.The sparkling and pure pool of water inside the cave

Timubo Cave Resort

The sun was still high up early in the afternoon when my sister and brother-in-law arrived at Timubo Cave.

I can still smell the fresh air and refreshing breeze somewhere in the middle of this island surrounded by mostly almost mature corn farming area.

I heard a lot about this cave and became interested to experience it myself and see if what others were saying were true—a cool, romantic and secluded freshwater pool deep inside!

Located in the middle of a farm in Camotes Islands, Cebu, Philippines. It cannot be easily found since it is not the same as most caves that you can enter through its visible and above the ground.

Timubo Cave Resort is almost like a hole or entrance of bunker in the ground. The opening is just more than enough for humans to enter in.

To finally enter into the clear natural pool, you have to pass through a sort or “eye of the needle”, so watch your head!

The Cave's Surroundings

When we arrived with our hired motorcab (innovative motorbike with a sidecar) at the site, I was somehow disappointed to see that the place’s set up looks so ordinary.

I immediately searched the area and saw the small entrance of the cave with simple printed board bearing the prints: “Timubo Cave”.

I realized that this popular cave is in the middle of a farm where tropical crops are being grown, such as corn, coconut, bananas, among other staple food source in the locality.

There’s a signage right at the mouth of Timubo Cave Resort saying that the fresh water inside it has been the source of water supply for all locals living nearby since time immemorial.

Just a few structures and a small shack with a young man sitting so relaxed on an old chair and reading or playing something.

Right infront of his small table is a sign that says the price “Entrance P15” (fifteen pesos). Since I was the one who invited my sister and brother-in-law to this place I started opening my wallet and handed over to the collector our entrance fee.

Small entrance of Timubo Cave Resort leading to the fresh pool down below.Timubo Cave's entrance

Timubo Cave Resort's Heart

The entrance is safely equipped with round-iron handrails leading inside as you descend through the dim lighted path. The concrete steps from the entrance is fairly done down to the bottom level of the inner cave. Inside you can see smaller versions of stalactites and stalagmites.

As you reach the lowest level of the cave you have to cross a knee-deep small pool of water before you reach the larger main pool where you can enjoy swimming or just relaxing the refreshing cool water.

The temperature inside the cave is somewhere between 20 to 25 degrees Centigrade. I think and I guess it gets much warmer when more people are inside since the opening is that small.

It is about 50 yards from the mouth to the pool at the bottom of this cave, which means that it would not be so difficult for any able-bodied guests to do so. But I wouldn’t advice little kids to go in because the path could be slippery aside from the dim lights.

General impressions of the cave

Overall, I found the whole place interesting, refreshing and peaceful. Certainly, it is a healthy place since it is surrounded by green plants and no big structures around it except for the small hut shop (probably a small restaurant) and the shack where that young man collects entrance fee.

The environment is friendly, safe, clean but too simple. I’m saying to myself that if I were the manager (or owner) of this natural asset I would surely beautify (such as making a better-looking billboard or signage atop the entrance) a little bit more to attract and make guests feel really satisfied and go home talking about the place.

I would strongly suggest they should do that. In that way, more guests or visitors will come to see the place, and hopefully others might contemplate on coming regularly.

I believe they will make the whole environment much more accommodating and attractive in the near future. Hopefully, they won’t overdo it by building huge structures that overshadow the whole purpose of this natural attraction.

Some Personal Thoughts

First, since you need to climb down from the fairly safe steps to reach the pool, you still need to be very careful because although there are lights it is still dark and slippery.

Second, you are not allowed to bring any food, drinks and certainly NO Smoking inside. I suggest not staying too long inside to let others in and enjoy.

Third, the pool is NOT for kids or children, although there is no prohibition for that. The water is from 5 to 6 feet deep and so definitely not advisable for those who cannot swim well or below that height. No lifejacket available.

Last, although you should certainly enjoy the place, make sure you tone down your voice and mindful of other guests inside.

Surely, these are just basic thoughts but really relevant to fully enjoy the place.

Finding Timubo Cave Resort

Since it is difficult to find this place, you might need to hire a transport, such as a motorbike with a side car, in order to save time and energy.

Location: Timubo Cave Resort, Barangay Sonog Town, Camotes Islands, Cebu Province, Philippines.

Now, if you get interested in traveling and visiting this cave, here’s how you can get there…

From Cebu City
Take V-Hire (van) from SM City for Danao City (Php50), or take a Jeepney that plies the route. From the V-hire terminal in Danao, you can take a pedicab for Danao Port where you can buy a ferry ticket. Buy the ticket for Consuelo Wharf by Jomalia Shipping—Php180 for non-aircon and Php200 for air-con room.

It takes more than two hours to reach Consuelo Wharf at Camotes Islands but it would not be so boring since you can enjoy looking outside for islands, passing boats, blue skies, etc. during day time, of course. They also show movies, sells drinks, snacks, among other quick needs.

Daily Schedule for Jomalia Shipping

Danao to Consuelo
05:30AM (except Thu)

Consuelo TO Danao
04:PM (except Wed)

Danao to Cawit, Pilar Camotes--12:00Noon (every Wed)
Cawit/Pilar Camotes to Danao--06:00AM (every Thu)

Phone: Danao Office—0906-3640-873; Consuelo Office—0948-6699-345

That's the crystal clear and clean fresh water of Timubo Cave Resort, Camotes Islands.

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