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Fun Bigsand Campgrounds Resort

Front playground at Bigsand Campgrounds Resort, Saavedra, Moalboal, Cebu

Bigsand Campgrounds Resort, Moalboal

Bigsand Campgrounds Resort is a great beachfront facility for gatherings with rooms for rent nicely tucked in the beach of Saavedra, Moalboal Town, Cebu Province.

The place is a dream come true for the family who owns and runs the place. The family decided to transform the rough and unfriendly landscape into a friendly and accommodating camping ground.

Now, the family does not only use the ground for holding their family Christmas gatherings, birthday parties, anniversaries and other events but now open to the public and anyone who wish to rent and enjoy the facilities and services.

Bigsand Campgrounds Resort is ideal for those who love the beach and doing activities on a safe sandy grounds. Here, you can do camping. Camping for a couple or big groups.

The resort offers three types of accommodation if you decide not to pitch your tent outside. There are rooms enough for both a smaller group and bigger ones.

The ground is not only with white sand but also garden with green plants, grasses, trees and coconuts. Above all, you can have a gorgeous sight of a beautiful morning’s sunrise or the late afternoon’s sunset in Moalboal.

Great Facilities & Amenities

At this camping establishment, you will have all the necessary facilities you need to enjoy your vacation or activities that your group needs to fulfill your programme. The following are just some of the basic facilities and some fun amenities for fun.

For your basic needs, here are the facilities:

  • Common washrooms and toilets
  • A 24-hour service store (food, drinks, etc.)
  • Stoves and gas for rentals 
  • Extra pillows
  • Spacious sandy group
  • 24-hour security service 
  • Parking area with gates

Aside from those facilities, the campground resort also offers game facilities, such as volleyball court, table tennis table, basketball court, among others.

You can certainly bring with you your own game accessories or facilities, including balls of all sorts, badminton, board games paraphernalia, etc.  Their spacious area is ideal for any activity that involves bigger number of participants, such as friends, classmates, co-workers, associations, and such bigger groups.

Now, we should check out the accommodation available especially for those who want to stay inside a room and not outside in a tent.

Bigsand Campgrounds resortNice Cabin accommodation at Bigsand Resort & Campgrounds in Moalboal

Bigsand Resort's Accommodation

At Bigsand Campgrounds Resort you have various choices of accommodation. You can pick from a huge room that can accommodate your family or bigger group, or you can pick a couple room, a tent or a simple but cool kiosk. Here they are...

Campstore Rooms
There are 3 of these Campstore rooms available. It is intended to accommodate 2 guests but an additional one guest can also squeeze in. it has a balcony but a shared one with occupants of the other two rooms.

A Campstore Room is equipped with one bed, a private washroom (CR), a fully air-conditioned room, pillows and blankets, towels, a common living room, a veranda or terrace.

Cottage Rooms
There are two nice standard cottage rooms available. Each has single beds, private comfort rooms (washrooms), air-conditioners, pillows and blankets, towels, and common dining room and kitchen. These rooms are intended for 2 occupants each.

Bigger cottage rooms, 3 double rooms, are also available. Each room is good for 4 guests. It has 2 beds, a private washroom, aircondition, and other amenities included in other rooms.

The Cabin
The Cabin is a 2-storey building ideal for families or larger groups. It can accommodate up to 12 guests.

A family gathering, group celebrations and such bigger group can enjoy this place especially if you think of using a karaoke and other fun activity inside the room.

Regarding the rooms, you will find 4 beds, private washroom, air-condition, pillows and blankets, refrigerator and other amenities.

Kiosks (Open Cottages)
These open cottages are for a day’s use only and a lot cheaper facility. It is a common facility when you visit beach resorts in the Philippines. The basic function of such facility is to protect your from the sun’s light or from the rain.

Basically, it is also where you can leave your belongings, food and drinks, and where you can enjoy your beach meals. Interestingly, Bigsand Campgrounds Resort, named its open cottages after four kinds of sea ‘urchins’ – Tuyom, Suwaki, Dapaw, and Siyok.

Campsite & Tents
Outdoor camping is one of the most interesting offer at this resort. You can rent a tent from them and pitch it yourself outside! Or you can bring with you your own tent if you have one.

Based on experience, it is great and really fun to stay in a tent during night time where you can enjoy the beauty of the night’s stars, moon, comets, etc. But you should be out somewhere during day time to escape from its heat!

Yes, they offer various rates for rent for various sizes of tents. Bigsand Campgrounds offers small tents (for 2-3 guests), medium (for 3-5 guests) and big tents (for 5-8 guests).

Camping at the grounds of Bigsand Resort in Moalboal

More Fun Activities

For those who don’t already know, Moalboal is fantastic for any sea or beach activities. It is great for swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, scuba diving, island tours and hopping, sightseeing, and various sorts of adventures or relaxing activities.

There are lots of popular dive sites where professional as well as newbie divers go and enjoy the diverse and colorful marine life. The most popular one, among others, is the Pescador Island.

Another popular activity is the island tours or island hopping. For this activity, you will be taking an outrigger boat and visit islands where you swim, snorkel, eat and have fun in the sun. You will also visit some marine sanctuaries where you will see the protected marine life in its natural world.

Aside from sea activities, you can also enjoy on-land activities which are actually provided by specialized shops. You can easily inquire around or from Bigsand resort regarding other activities available in the area.

Finding Bigsand Campgrounds Resort

If you are interested to learn more about Bigsand (meaning ‘basdaku’ in Cebuano language where this resort is closely located) through the following information details…

Landline:  +63 (32) 4173604  (look for Merrie Rizada)
Mobile:     +63 933 492 7595 or +63 933 301 4931 

You can use our guide when reaching Moalboal Town where you can find Bigsand resort. Just click Getting to Moalboal and find transportation information and other details which you might helpful in your trip.

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Have a great and sunny day!

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