Bamboo Inn Moalboal

Bamboo Inn Moalboal

Bamboo Inn Moalboal Cottages by Planet Action Adventure

Cool Bamboo Inn Moalboal

Bamboo Inn Moalboal is nicely nestled in a tranquil portion of Panagsama Beach in Moalboal Town, Cebu.

It is a great and newly developed budget hotel and accommodation, especially built for back packers, travelers, adventurers and the boy/girl scout type of people.

Of course, you will get all the fundamental amenities you need with fantastic services during your stay.

You can use this Bamboo Inn as your base for your vacation or travels in Cebu Province. In fact, this tropical accommodation is especially established by an adventure activities provider of the country – Planet Action Adventure Company. You may check out their site and discover their adventure offers!

Location. Bamboo Inn is just a 5-minute walk from the main hotspots in Moalboal. I mean, it is located in Panagsama Beach Resort where most sea and beach area actions are – restaurants, bars, recreation facilities, dive/tour shops and other providers of interesting activities.

The Inn’s cottages are furnished with bamboo materials and are installed with electric fan and air-conditioning facilities. You have three choices of cottages which we will describe in details below.

River Climbing in CebuRiver Climbing in Cebu by Planet Action Adventure

Tropical Bamboo Accommodation

The traditional houses in the Philippines are basically made of bamboos. There are basically two major advantages of bamboo houses, including:

First, it is less laborious in finding and building a bamboo house because bamboos are readily available in many places in the country. It can grow almost everywhere because it is not a tree – it is a grass species! (You know it, right?).

Preparing the bamboo materials does not need heavy cutting machinery and they are basically light weight compared to lumber and concrete materials.

Second, a house made of bamboo keeps a cool temperature inside the building or room. It does not absorb heat like wood or concrete do. Most of these bamboo houses have roofs made or covered with cogon grass or nipa leaves, which add to the cool temperature inside any room. Anyways, here are the cottages…

Twin Bed Cottages
Bamboo Inn Moalboal built these cottages especially for two travelers or occupants. They have two single beds, have private bathrooms, air-conditions, wall electric fans and have great garden views accessible through their balconies.

The rent per night per Twin Bed Cottage is Php950 to date. It will certainly go up depending on the season and in the passage of time. So, take this quote as temporary information, ok?

If you are asking if additional friend or member could fit in, you had better inquire from their management through the contact details below this page.

Double Bed Cottage
The Double Bed Cottages are furnished with nice queen-size beds. Just like the Twin Bed Cottages, these have private bathrooms, air-conditions, wall electric fans and other basic and necessary amenities.

These cottages also have balconies where you can relax and rest. Yes, it is with a garden view as well. Double Bed Cottages can only accommodate two guests. The present rent is Php950 per night and could change or go up without prior notice.

Bungalow with Kitchen
This bungalow type accommodation is built with a small kitchen and is meant for long-staying guests, especially for those who are learning scuba diving or taking adventure courses who need to stay long but for a cheaper rent.

So, it will save you more if you cooked your own food and keep the rest of your money for your new-found hobby (or business) courses. This bungalow building comes with a queen size bed, one bedroom, an air condition facility and other amenities.

You will be charged more for the cleaning up fee if you rent it for less than 3 days only. This means that you’ll get more discounts if you stay longer, which is the main purpose of this room.

Fun & Interesting Activities

Sunbathing in Moalboal's beach

As I mentioned above, Bamboo Inn Moalboal is perfect for those who are seeking adventures and interesting activities in this great place and nearby areas.

You can use a cottage where you can rest after a day’s heavy but fun adventure. It is where you can also keep your luggage and other valuables safely.

Another advantage when staying at this hotel is that you can easily arrange any interesting activity with its adventure provider company. Actually, Bamboo Inn is part of Planet Action Adventure Company, which literally offers such interesting activities.

You can book any adventure that can be done near Moalboal’s adventure and adrenaline-pumping sites. You can ask for any package deals with great discounts, such as tour package deals, sea water activities and on-land adventures.

Planet Action Adventure Company is a popular and a leading adventure provider in the Philippines. In Moalboal or any part in Cebu Province, this adventure provider offers river climbing, caving, rappelling, trekking, mountain climbing and more fun activities you can imagine. So, why not try one of them!

cebu-beach-resortsBasdaku Beach (White Beach) in Moalboal, Cebu

Finding Bamboo Inn Moalboal Garden

Now, if you are interested to learn more about Bamboo Inn Moalboal, you may use the following address or any of the contact details for your inquiry or any.

Address:  Bamboo Inn Moalboal, Basdiot, Barangay Road, Moalboal Town, Cebu 6032,     Philippines
Phone:     +63 32 474 30 66
Web site:

Getting To Moalboal Town
If you have decided to hit the road and stay at this Inn, you might need our guide map to get to the place. You may click Getting to Moalboal and find our transportation descriptions and other tips to get there with less hassles.

Of course, you'll have much lesser hassles if your hotel will provide you a pick up service. This all depends on your arrangement with your hotel or resort. Please, inquire from them directly yourself.

cebu-beachesAndis Bar, Panagsama Beach, Moalboal

Booking at Bamboo Inn Moalboal

There are many ways to reserve your cottage at this establishment, and one of them is through your favorite agency or any traveler and hotel provider.

But for this popular website, we invite you to try Agoda Company if you are not its fan yet!

Please click Agoda Smarter Online Booking service to book or reserve your cottage at Bamboo Inn or any resort or hotel in Moalboal, or in fact any hotel in this wide world!

Agoda Hotel company is a world famous hotel provider. It is easy and safer to book your room through its online booking system. Try it now!

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Thanks for visiting this website and reading through this page. Bamboo Inn is truly at great Inn to be especially when you come for adventures and other interesting water and outdoor activities.

Have a fantastic tropical day!

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