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Mayas Native Garden Resort

Mayas Native Garden resortRestaurant & bar at Mayas Native Garden Resort in Moalboal, Cebu Province

Amazing Mayas Native Garden

Mayas Native Garden, located at Panagsama Beach in Moalboal, Cebu, is one of the unique beach resorts in town.

It is a resort that offers attractive native and traditional style of cottages except from the modern amenities for your comfortable stay.

This resort is within the establishment’s facility and in the middle of a tropical garden. It is an ideal place to be with friends or family for a few days or longer during holidays.

Being a beach resort, you will find that it is great for snorkeling, swimming and diving.

In addition from all those benefits, you will have great meals at their open and spacious restaurant that serves fresh and delicious dishes.

Mayas Native Garden entrance and signboard area. Mayas is located in Panagsama Beach Resort, Moalboal, Cebu, the Philippines. It is popular among holiday travelers and weekend visitors.

Fun & Exciting Activities

There are loads of interesting and memorable holiday activities you can do while in this part of the province. You can have either sea or water activities or dry land adventures.

Here are some of these vacation activities…

Swimming and Snorkeling
Since the resort is just right close to the sea, you can easily jump into the water and do swimming. And if you got your snorkel gears, which you can also rent or depending on your arrangement with the resort, you can scan the coral reefs and discover the beautiful and colorful creatures underwater.

Panagsama Beach doesn’t have a wide seashore, so you cannot find much sand there. If you want to you can visit Moalboal’s popular white sand beach with wide and long seashore – Basdaku Beach, which is located not far from Panagsama Beach.

Scuba Diving & Island Tours
Well, I am actually combining two activities here – one is scuba diving and the other island tours. Anyway, you could probably do both at the same time if that’s what you want.

For scuba diving, this is a perfect activity to be had in Moalboal (or anywhere in Cebu Province’s seas) since the waters here is fecund with diverse tropical marine life, which is by the way indigenous.

If you don’t know yet, many sea lovers would only come to scuba dive which comprise higher percentage among foreign visitors of the town. The area is so popular for scuba diving that most resorts have diving facilities and others offer diving course while being a resort at the same time.

Of course, there are many establishments that are built only to serve divers and would-be-divers by offering dive courses and accommodation for them and not for vacation.

The island tours on the other hand is being offered by adventure and sea activities shops that also dot the nearby beach in Moalboal, including Panagsama Beach. You can arrangement your island tours, or the one they call “island-hopping” activity, which is usually a one day activity.

Island tours or island-hoping is a great activity for a group or family. You will be taking a motorized boat (an outrigger boat) and visit island, beaches, marine sanctuaries and those nice places including restaurants by the beach.

During this day’s activity, you can certainly enjoy swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, enjoy food, taking photos and enjoy the beautiful sea views.

Mayas Native Garden partners with Moalboal’s able and experienced tour and activity providers in the area. Neptune Diving and Blue Abyss Diving shops are two of Mayas’ partners in providing you the best sea adventures in town.

Now, let’s check out Maya’s offers for the non-sea adventures. By non-sea adventures, you will enjoy any activity on dry-land and semi-dry part of the province.

Mayas Native Garden accommodation, MoalboalMayas Native Garden cool accommodation, Moalboal, Cebu

Fun Adventures

Mountain Biking
Yes, you can do mountain biking in Moalboal area and enjoy its various terrain. The place is not that very different for newbies since the area is not rough and mountainous.

You cannot find steep slopes and most of the trails are interesting and challenging enough for the non-professional bikers. Of course, if you so prefer, you can choose the more challenging routes and trails in the area!

You can bike close to the coastlines or bike where you can commune with nature.

Now, if you want to really explore deeper and further you can rent motorbikes to do it. You can do motor cruise with your friends to see the sea coasts or drive up to explore higher the mountains. Maya Native Garden Resort offers scooter type motorbikes for rent if you are interested (about USD15-20/day).

Kawasan Waterfalls
It is a famous waterfalls with a series of falls and the bottom provides a great amount of water where you can enjoy dipping and swimming to cool off yourself from hot weather.

It is not that huge, or something like Niagara or Angel Falls in Bolivia, but it is just part of the natural environment and unique on its own beauty.

You can climb towards the upper two tiers of the falls and enjoy nature at its best – trees, forest flowers and plants, birds, monkeys (if you are lucky), insects and snakes (watch out!).

Close to the waterfalls are some restaurants that mostly serve local and Filipino dishes. Probably, you can bring your own food and drinks depending on your arrangements and enjoy them nearby the water (I can eat a lot after a swim!).

More Adventurous Activities

Swimming with whaleshark

Mayas Native Garden Resort can also provide more adventures if you wish to. These activities are only for those who are fit enough to stretch muscles and have lots of adrenaline. Here they are…

  • Rappelling rivers
  • Mountain climbing
  • Exploring caves
  • Horseback riding, etc.

Yes, you have such opportunities to enjoy through the resort’s partner activity provider – Planet Action Team.

This provider is famous for its services and will guide you all the way and make sure you have enough fun and adventure.

It is a local Cebuano word for ‘cockfighting’. It is a national entertainment in the Philippines especially among men (and some interested women that’s because this entertainment is a bit ‘bloody’).

For this cockfighting, a pair of good breed roosters fight against each other and each is armed with sharp blades attached to the back part of their lower legs. Most spectators bet to win making this activity not just an entertainment but a legalized gambling activity.

Cockfighting is a traditional and cultural norm of the people as source of entertainment among locals especially in the villages and distant places where there are not so many modern forms of entertainments. This is being held every Sunday in Moalboal Town’s cockfighting arena.

That’s basically some of the most interesting and fun things you can do in Moalboal through Mayas resort and its partners.

Now, we can check out your accommodation if you are really thinking seriously of visiting this place.

Native Style Cottages

Here are the beautiful accommodation types of Mayas Native Garden resort…

Electric Fan Cottage
This is a one room cottage with great amenities inside it. It is provided with a nice bathroom with Western style toilet, a hot and cold showers, an electric fan, and a safety box for your valuables.

Air-Conditioned Cottages
It is a one room facility in which you don’t need to climb any stairs or steps for easy access. It has a nice bathroom with a Western style toilet, a hot and cold shower, an electric fan, and a storage where you can safely keep your luggage. A safety box deposit is also available for your valuables.

Eco Aircon Cottages
An Eco Aircon Cottage is especially built where you can get the natural movement of air (or sea breeze) - in and out of this cottage. This is a native style cottage built on stilts. Its spacious room is furnished with a queen size bed, a single bed, a table and chairs, a closet and a safety box deposit. The bathroom is equipped with nice showers and standard western style toilet.

Native House
It is another accommodation built on stilts showing off its beauty above the ground. It is also air-conditioned, has a living room, kitchenette, master bedroom, spacious bathroom, cold and hot showers and s Western standard toilet.

It is also equipped with a TV, refrigerator, table and chairs and a ceiling fan for air movement.

Eating at Mayas’ Restaurant and Bar

You can dine at this resort three times a day or as many times as you want in a day. They serve great breakfast, lunch and dinner with their special dishes.

The Restaurant and Bar serves BBQs, Mexican dishes, Filipino and international specialties. Don’t miss the fresh sea food of Moalboal. And for those who prefers to stay fit and slim, you can have lots of vegetables, and only veggies for the vegetarians.

More food: grilled sea food, burgers, chicken dishes, pork tenderloin, beef steaks; brewed coffee, homemade breads, Danish blue cheese, burittos, etc.

Drinks: wines, fruit shakes, cold beers, cocktails, soft drinks, etc. Free internet access is also available.

In case you want to see what kind of foods are like outside their restaurant, you can easily find a wide choices of dishes from various restaurants and cafes or bars around Panagsama Beach area. Night life is quite vibrant and alive.

Mayas Native Garden Cottages & Restaurant is located in Panagsama Beach (Basdiot), Moalboal, Cebu. The property offers not only holiday accommodation but also fun and interesting adventures.

Finding Mayas Native Garden Resort

You may use the following address and contact details if you wish to learn or inquire about Mayas Native Garden, its facilities and more services.

Address:  Panagsama Beach, Basdiot, Moalboal 6032, Cebu, Philippines
Mobile:    +63 915 480 96 10
Landline: +63 32 4743053

In case you need some guides on getting there, please use the following link to help you find the place. Getting to Moalboal link describes transportation, schedules and some other tips for your travel.

But, if you have already arranged your pick up service with the resort then there's not much hassle. Just a reminder, make sure you inquire any pick up and drop off services that your hotel or resort offers!

Booking Your Accommodation

You can book through any agency including direct booking with the resort.

However, I recommend also to book through Agoda. This company is a popular and trustworthy online booking service provider.

Click Agoda Smarter Online Booking service provider to reserve your hotel or resort. Agoda offers discounts, safe and quicker way to book your room. You can try it now!

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