Sampaguita Beach Resort

Beautiful Sampaguita Beach Resort

Moalboal Beach ResortsNice beach and facilities at Sampaguita Beach and Dive Resort

Sampaguita Beach Resort & Dive Shop

Sampaguita Beach Resort is nicely tucked in Moalboal's promontory that faces the Island of Negros in Badian Bay.

It is located in the southwestern coast of Cebu Province, which takes around 2.5 hours from Cebu City, the capital of the province.

Sampaguita is both a resort and a dive establishment. It is offering bungalows and other vacation facilities enveloped by tropical gardens with plants, flowers, trees and coconut palms.

The resort has some Italian touch due to its Italian dive instructor who also runs and the place with his trusted staff members and co-workers.

Great Facilities

The resort makes sure that all its guests will enjoy their stay by positioning its facilities where you can have great views of the sea and have open spaces.

For example, the bar restaurant, dive shop, gardens, billiard room and other facilities offer views of the sea.

Not only that those facilities are facing the blue ocean but that they are also nicely positioned in open air places and come with protection from direct sunlight, such as cocoon sheds.

Restaurant at Sampaguita Beach Resort
One of the most important things that can make you enjoy anything you do is food. Now, you don’t need to worry about food at this resort since they offer choices of gastronomic dishes for you to choose from. Here are some…

Sea Food
Remember that you are by the sea (given that you are already at this resort). It means that you can have access to most fresh sea food products coming from the waters of Moalboal.

The clean and fecund sea of Moalboal offers fresh and delicious sea food you can get in the area. So, you should not miss savouring any dish produced by the sea!

Fried Pork DishFried Pork Dish in sauce

Traditional Food
If you are new to the country, then you would certainly find a lot of weird looking food around. For example, a Filipino’s most favorite is called the ‘dinuguan’. It can look horrible but very attractive to one’s palate. It is product of innards and pig or cow’s blood in combination with various spices.

Anyway, at Sampaguita Beach Resort, you will have plenty of opportunities to try some Filipino and local dishes which are actually not difficult for most foreign guest to try for the first time. Since Filipino food is so much influenced by outside cooking styles, such as Spanish and Chinese cookeries, it is quite easy for any foreigner to enjoy local dishes.

Italian Pastas
Of course, there is always an Italian food present anywhere you go including in the Philippines. At Sampaguita Beach Resort you will surely enjoy Italian pastas. It should be paired with some table wine or San Miguel beer if you so prefer.

International Dishes
Yes, you don’t have to worry about what to eat not only in this resort but anywhere in the country. International dishes, although taste changes a bit due to spices and local's tastes, are available and can make you feel at home.

Sampaguita's Accommodation

The rooms available for rent at Sampaguita Beach Resort are built with wood and fibre panels. Each room is about 20 square meters with a round or cocoon shape roofing and waterproof protection elements included.

A double or twin beds are available as choices. Each room have wardrobes, refrigerators, minibars, chairs and tables among other amenities.

Other great facilities in the room include hot and cold water for shower, patio with armchair, ceiling fans, and other fancy and useful amenities.

Scuba Diving and Sea Excursions
The resort offers a morning dive right after breakfast. You can do this to enjoy the dive sites nearby and be back before lunch. They also offer an afternoon dive after lunch time. And there is a third dive trip – evening dive in ‘night wall dive’ at around 6:30PM. This is the time you can watch colorful nocturnal underwater animals.

Aside from diving which is only available for ‘real’ divers, the resort also offers opportunities to non-divers to enjoy the trips. During day time, you can join excursions to the White Beach and enjoy swimming or snorkeling while the divers explore the depths inhabited with diverse marine life.

Diving Facilities
As aforementioned, Sampaguita Beach Resort offers diving facilities to its guests. They got their own dive shop.

As a dive shop, they have complete diving equipment and maintenance tools for their diving gears. In addition, you can also avail their personal water equipment including video and photography.

Boats and Fantastic Dive Sites
The dive shop offers its (two) large boats (outrigger boat) that can accommodate huge number of passengers. The outrigger boat(s) is about 15 meters long.

Some of the numerous amazing and gorgeous dive sites in Moalboal area include the following popular sites:

  • Pescador island
  • Sunken Island
  • Ondo Point
  • Copton Point
  • Tongo Point

Each of these dive sites are unique and offer breath-taking sights even to the regular divers who explore them many times already.

Interesting Tropical Surroundings

Kawasan WaterfallsKawasan Waterfalls

While in the area, you can also arrange for any sort of tours to sea places, sites and events. Here are some of the interesting one’s that could help you learn more about the local culture…

Moalboal Market
This is where you can witness lots of things local and how they do things. You can also see products being sold, moved in and out by various means including human labor.

Be reminded that you can smell lots of unsavory things, such as fish, meat and some things you can’t smell everyday – that is if you are not the person who goes to such places. However, that could be a good experience and learning!

Orchid Garden
Nice place for those who love flowers including the diverse specie of orchids in this garden.

The Coliseum: rooster fighting
This is where you can see most men enjoying the ‘manly’ event – rooster fighting or ‘sabong’ in Bisayan term. Most people come to enjoy and bet for their expected champion rooster in the arena. This usually takes place on Sundays. So, check it out and you will surely get entertained by the exciting crowded cheering and praying for their favorite rooster to win the fight!

Kawasan Falls
This is a popular waterfalls located in Badian Town and easily reachable from Moalboal. You can do outing or picnic at this place, swim the fresh water or get massaged by the waterfalls while riding the bamboo raft that can bring you right under the falling water.

Kawasan Waterfalls has three tiers – the other two are accessible by hiking up above this last tier. You will also enjoy nature in the area while relaxing with your family or friends.

Night at Panagsama
At Panagsama, you are close to the temptations of restaurants, bars, discos, game facilities, and other night life offers. You will find out that the area is quite international – many expatriates and foreign travelers come to Moalboal not only to enjoy the beach and sea but also to experience local culture and events.

Finding Sampaguita Beach Dive Resort

You may use the following contact details for your inquiry if any. Please, let us know if there is a problem with any of the information below...

Address: Tongo Point, Moalboal, Cebu Island, Philippines
Phone:   + 63 32 4740066   Fax + 63 32 4740065
E-mail:; Resort Manager: Mr Sergio Forti

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